Super user section in your community platform

For those of you that run a super user or an ambassador program, how important do you consider it to have a specific section on your platform for your super users? By this I mean a section on your homepage where the names, activity and expertise are displayed.

We’re in the process of changing our ambassador program and I’ve been advised to look into this. We are using Discourse and this is not an out of the box option.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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Good question. Let me start my answer with a broad statement…

I believe that Super Users need to be given a certain level of “velvet rope” experience. They may not get their own room at the club, but they certainly get a velvet rope around a table with “Reserved for Super User” on it.

One of the non-tangible incentives for being in the super user program is that they get recognition, including that of the public variety. That means, yes, I typically think about how to call them out publicly. This can include:

  • Home page reference
  • References on the super user info page outside of the community
  • Pinned posts
  • Badging (that specifically calls out their level, perhaps in a more unique way than most badges)

What you decide to do is highly dependent on your culture, community, and industry.

I would also consider “portability” as part of this same question. How easy is it to showcase their status/title? Microsoft MVPs, for instance, are able (and highly encouraged) to use their MVP status on resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and email footers. This not only helps elevate the individual MVP’s status in the world, but also helps promote the value of the program. Make them feel, and give them reasons to feel like their participation is something that helps them build their own personal, emotional, professional identity!

You didn’t specifically ask, but I also believe your question includes the thoughts of “what other benefits do they get”. One of which is likely the ability for them to talk amongst themselves without the rest of the community getting access.

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Could you please provide an example of an elevated badge? I am curious about this topic as well and best ways to offer incentives to my Super Users – or Mentors as we call them.

Here’s an example. In this case it’s called an avatar flair but it differentiates the member.



Thanks Jake for your extensive answer.

By the way, I really enjoyed your webinar yesterday. I guess I knew most of the info you gave, but it’s always good to hear it again and get confirmation.

I run a new(ish) software support community. When we started 18 months ago, we started with a small group of enthousiast. This is still the same group now. A few are still active and passionate, a few more not so much. So it’s time to have a fresh look at our super user program. So thanks for your advice.

Is this a plugin?


Glad you enjoyed it! (even if most of it was just review) In those broad intro sessions, it’s hard to balance newbies and experienced folks like you. That said, I’m working on some more 201 and 301 content. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

And yeah, 18 months is when the atrophy and disinterest sets in, in my experience. Cycles, cycles, cycles. Build your program with cycles. It keeps everyone (them and you) on your toes!

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No, it’s out of the box. :slight_smile:

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