Summary Articles - Derived from Community Discussions

(James McMahon) #1

Has anyone here has tried creating “summary” articles driven from community content?

It seems that there’s two things that bother my audience about using forums these days. One is confusion/ambiguity of answers… Second is that they will likely have to scroll down an entire topic to get an answer to their question

So what we’d like to do is pick certain topics, and have someone write “summary articles”. An objective summary, without all the conversations and erroneous parts of the discussion. Then point the discussion and article to each other.

Are you doing something similar to this? How is it working for you?

(Luis Villa) #2

Discourse’s wiki feature seems intended for this sort of use case; might take a look at how they are using it on

(James McMahon) #3

That’s a good reminder actually. I was thinking more along the lines of publishing on our blog for an added sense of “authority”. But, you do make a good point.

Plus who’s to say you can’t make a blog post out of a wiki topic.

(Luis Villa) #4

Yeah, I think you can easily see a post as “maturing” from conversation -> wiki -> blog post. Won’t make sense with all of them, of course.