Successful Community Management: Growth Channels

(Nick Emmett) #1

I’ve just finished covering the In Depth topics in the Successful Community Management course, around Growth and the different growth channels, and wondered if anyone had any thoughts around them. Which ones do you already use? Which ones are you going to try out? Which ones aren’t an option for whatever reason?

The community I manage is a customer focused one, so to be a member you have to be a customer and we need your details in our CRM to grant you access. Still, we need to spread the word to our customers that there is a whole heap of value they could be getting from our Community if they’re not a member. It’s also being seen as a differentiator for us now with those people that are in there, against our competitors. As such there’s elements of all three types of growth that we’re doing. Some more successfully than others. For example; from a Promotional Growth perspective, we have articles on our company blog focused on the Community and tweet through hte main account. Personal Growth, our Customer Success Team make sure they talk about the benefits of being a member in their conversations with customers, having already built up a relationship, these are people already trusted by the customers. Once people have access we also run a monthly webinar that tries to make sure people know how to get the most of the Community and also understand exactly what’s available (it’s not just discussion forums, we have training and ideation etc too).

How is this all working for you guys, what channels are you using for growth and what can you take away from this section of the course?