Success using Live Chat/Messenger features

(Kath Reuben) #1

Within the context of Support Communities, has anyone had success using a Live Chat/Messenger feature? From preliminary conversations I’ve had with our customers (C-suite level employees), they are less inclined to search for and read the knowledge/help articles and want instantaneous responses. And live chat feels like a good initial hook to get them into, and transitioning to, using the Community for Support.
Would love to hear anybody’s feedback on how Live Chat/Messenger has worked for them and any learnings?

(Mike Collins) #2

Hi Kath,

We run a community that provides support to students on professional qualifications. We introduced a self help guide, FAQs and also live chat using CometChat integrated in to our NING site.

We have found it’s used quite a lot by our students who might experience a problem and can get in touch with us straight away so it reducing email and 9/10 we can sort the problem there and then.

A lot of websites now have live chat on their sites as people want instant access to people and information so I think this is a trend that will continue.

What are your reservations?


(Sarah Hawk) #3

From a user’s perspective, I love live chat and use it frequently.

Provided you can support it (it’s frustrating when it’s there but no one answers…) then I think it’s brilliant. Not everyone will like it, but good user experiences stem from offering options to suit everyone.

(Mike Collins) #4

That’s true @HAWK nothing worse than having live chat that isn’t ‘live’ kinda defeats the purpose.