Street Medicine Practitioners Community

Hi All - My First Post here …

I am starting a Street Medicine Community where Street Medicine Practitioners have a place to go to discuss everything Street Medicine, get help, learn how to get started, etc.

I am new at creating an Online Community, however, I am determined to learn and make it work.

I am working as a volunteer with a large, well respected Street Medicine organization that recently took down their Member Forum because they don’t have the resources to manage it successfully.

Here are some strategy-ee ideas I have and would welcome your insight.

  1. Invite young Street Medicine Practitioners to become moderators to lead focused discussions of interest.
  2. Showcase new Street Medicine organizations just getting started
  3. Showcase seasoned Street Medicine organizations (invite them as SMEs (subject matter experts)
  4. Seed conversations with polls, news, and ‘did you know’ topics

My role will be to Admin both sites (website and Discourse) and to foster positive, organized discussions that mature into Best Practices Articles that can then be moved onto the website.

My goal is to create a community that is self managed and popular; a ‘go-to’ place for new Street Medicine organizations to get help from their fellow Street Medicine practitioners.

Any tips and guidance is greatly appreciated!

** follow up note 7/29 - Last night I bought and read about 1/2 of “Buzzing Communities” - I can see I have some work to do.

Quick Question - Should I recruit Subject Matter Experts or Experienced CMs to get started?

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Can you recruit a mixture of both?
Here’s why I ask: In my experience in a health community, people feel very strongly about the treatment they take and the treatments they give. Discussions can get heated and sometimes a lot of projection. I prefer to have more CM than SME - because I have found that SMEs with little moderation/community experience have a much harder time adapting from being a patient/provider with a stake in the outcome. While a CM may not be able to relate as well or be as knowledgable, they would know how to point someone in the direction of getting that information (preferably not from the site admins but from another member who has experience in that area).
Just my 2 cents!

Thank you Rebecca -

I think you are spot on! You’re right, many SME’s in Street Medicine are rather emphatic, shall I say. Some aren’t. Also, fellow members will be the SME’s naturally, and what I need are seasoned and talented CMs. Thank you for your insight. I need lots of it at this stage … PS - I anticipate that 95% of the community will be providers.

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Very happy to help! I used to think that if you didn’t have the background or weren’t invested in the subject of a community that you shouldn’t be CM-ing it. I’ve definitely changed my mind on that!