Strategy in an Advocacy Community

(Robyn Jordan) #1

As you know I’m running an advocacy community so I think my biggest hurdle of getting this program off the ground is that I’m targeting the wrong types of people and inviting a new swath of people and then onboarding and engaging members in a positive way.

Any ideas to help would be great! I feel like I’m doing a lot of reading not a lot of doing, right now.

[13 Feb] What are you working on this week?
(Sarah Hawk) #2

Hi Robyn,
I’ve moved this into a topic of its own so that we can troubleshoot.

Are you able to provide a bit more detail?

When you say that you’re targeting the wrong types of people, what do you mean? Are you currently pulling members from your wider community and encouraging them to join your superuser/advocacy program?

What is the biggest challenge?

(Robyn Jordan) #3

Sorry I just saw this, I think the wrong types of people are looking at high NPS scores and people who have done marketing asks in the past.

One issue is that our wider community has been more focused on support so members engagement in our wider community isn’t as consistent and high as we’d like and makes pulling members difficult.

I think the biggest challenge is what do we want these advocates to do and what type of customer makes a good advocate. Deciding on that and not changing that decision.