Starting new too!


(Lori Bronder) #1

Hi everyone:

I am new to community management. I come from a background in distance learning for higher education where I assisted faculty who were developing new courses (aka instructional design) and incorporating discussion and engagement online.

I am now managing 4 communities consisting of research panel members. Apples to oranges I know, but I’m hoping my basic skills will carry over. The communities have been in place for quite some time and members have been responding to survey requests, but now we are moving toward a platform that offers opportunity for engagement and conversation for the first time.

In particular, I’m looking for advice on how I can roll this out to members with a splash! Ok, actually, I have lots of questions. I’m excited to be joining this community!

(joel galbraith) #2

Welcome Lori. I manage a community for all our online faculty (1,500)…well, I have a community manager and a couple students that do all the heavy lifting (user management, group setup, adjustments every semester). I’m happy to be a resource to you if it’s of any value.
Our online faculty are required to join the community as part of their employment, but of course, engagement is ours and their responsibility. Ours, to help make it an focused and worthwhile environment, and theirs, because ultimately the community is only as good as its members.
Our courses are “pre-designed” by a curriculum team, so our faculty spend most of their time talking just about the practice of online teaching and facilitation vs. instructional design issues.

(Richard Millington) #3

Hi @lorib

Thanks for joining us here at FeverBee!

What platform are you using? What kind of engagement do you want in the community?

(Lori Bronder) #4

Hi @richard_millington and @jdg239. Thanks for the reply! We are about ready to start using the Pressly Hubs which have been integrated into the Vision Critical Sparq 3 platform. We have three branded communities (retail fashion) and one non-branded community (retail fashion). All of the members have been participating in surveys for the last several months.

For the branded communities we won’t be enabling the feature that allows members to suggest posts, but for the non-branded community we will enable it. We share back survey results which will spark some conversation. I’m thinking that perhaps I could ask all the community members for suggestions as to what they’d like to see in the next newsletter - end of April. Anyway…

Any ideas as to how I can roll this out to all the groups would be much appreciated. I’d like for them to WANT to check it out!


(Richard Millington) #5

thanks @lorib

I generally use this model:

For client work to understand the motivation side. Customer research communities are a different breed entirely though. The key challenge is what do they get out of engaging with one another? What’s the problem they’re solving or the resources they’re bringing in to the game?