Starters And Finishers

(Richard Millington) #1
Originally published at: <strong></strong><br><br>It’s far more fun to make the big announcement and get a lot of attention than it is to sustain interest and overcome hurdles along the way.

This makes big announcements pretty much worthless. It also makes really pushing ahead with the task long after the attention has shifted elsewhere incredibly valuable.
People lose interest even in the very biggest projects.

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(Meg Barbolini) #2

True believers don’t give up so easily. They know how important it is to be working on projects which will shape the community for years to come. Trust yourself and keep working at it.

Needed this today - thanks for sharing!

(Kathleen Ulrich) #3

Last October, members told me they really needed a career path In March, they announced publicly that we were developing a career path and it just needed some tweaking.This month I asked for the career path in any stage of completion. I got a back a note that my timing was terrible they needed more advance notice, etc. HA! My members are starters.

I have created career resources (which is the main need and promotes the community) and will publish that. They can add a career path when they are ready if they still have interest. I am a finisher.

It is very frustrating, but I’ll just keep this perspective in mind as this is not the first or last time something like this occurs. It’s really helpful to look at things in a different way.