Stakeholder Evaluations of Vendors - Examples?


(dads perter) #1

Hi there! This week, we narrowed down our long list of platform vendors and will be commencing with the “short list” demos next week. For this next round, the core project team will be inviting additional stakeholders to participate and provide feedback. Since we are adding additional “cooks in the kitchen,” and for good reason (!), we are trying to think of organized methods in which we can gather and consolidate feedback in a consistent, process-oriented way. We have a call set up before the first demo to review who the finalists are, what the agenda flow will look like, as well as what we are specifically asking from them as demo participants/judges. This way, everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect.

Does anyone have any experience with this? If so, did you use a standard evaluation form to gather feedback from the stakeholders? What information did you ask for?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(Joel Rangelle) #2

Do you mean vendors for your community platform?

I think community platforms can be incredibly rich platforms, some with a lot of neat features that really differentiate themselves, so I think you should go through as many rounds as needed, and to evaluate on both immediate and future needs. That was one thing that I didn’t think about when I searched platforms (although I got very lucky, and my platform includes a lot of enterprise features that Im starting to take advantage as my community grows and develops). I think there’s also the magic moment, when you just feel like its a good match.

(outofthebox) #3

The most important factor is to get a free, live sandbox that is a full, complete, “exactly what the purchased product” is like. Have your team actively use the sandbox to complete the tasks and activities that you want to see happen in your community. Apart from this, you won’t really understand what it would be like to use that product for your goals.

(Matt Mecham) #4

I’m curious how the process went and what you learned from it @vincitygialam?

(James Hillstrand) #5

I’m gonna let my buddy check out this platform as well. I was helping him installing the new brake kit and xd rims on his truck when he mentioned about the platform that he can use for the future need. Good to hear it works great for you.