Staff needs for Jive

(outofthebox) #1

Hi friends,

Our organization is preparing to launch a global intranet. We have about 180-200 employees in 13 country offices that hosts hundreds of events, dozens of conferences, and dozens of publications a year. We have a high commitment to excellence and our staff expect ‘the best’.

In light of this, it seems to me that we might want someone on our team who is proficient in graphic design, CSS, and HTML in order to continually improve the look-and-feel of the intranet. Whether we are helping a new country office or department establish their space, promoting global announcements, or turning on functionality, it seems to us that these skillsets may be needed on an on–going basis to make the intranet look and feel like “us” and make it an effective working platform for our daily operations.

Does this make sense? Is this a contractor, part time, or full time position? Are these the right focus areas – graphic design, CSS, and HTML?

I’m curious about your insights in general for the staffing needs for a global intranet or specifically in regard to Jive-n.

In advance, thank you!