SPRINT: London - Who Do You Want To See?

(Bas van Leeuwen) #2

I saw a very cool talk by Gillian Bergeron recently, she leads the field marketing at Nextdoor. Very engaging speaker, her way of field marketing is community management (she learned that while working for the Obama campaigns). Lot of lessons. She’s from the USA, but Nextdoor is expanding to Europe, so she might be happy to hop the atlantic if you ask nicely.

(Steve Bridger) #3

@richard_millington - I highly recommend you reach out to Richard Sedley, who is now a Partner at EY.

I’ve known Richard for over a decade (first as a colleague, now as a friend). He’s a wonderfully-engaging speaker, London-based, really understands ‘community’, and is a sought-after speaker on ‘customer engagement’ and ‘persuasion’.

(Richard Millington) #4

Thanks Steve.

This is where we’re at so far (and everyone else).

We’re first looking to nail down the ‘problems’ we want to tackle before finding the speakers to tackle them. So see what you think of the below.

  • Keynote session: Get more engagement without spending more time or money.
  • Second Keynote: It’s getting more difficult to get my content noticed. What should I do?
  • Internal track: How do i get employees who aren’t tech savvy to engage online with one another?
  • Internal track: How do I make people want to collaborate with each other?
  • Internal track: What does a great knowledge-sharing system look like?
  • B2B & B2C track: My social media reach is plummeting. What do I do?
  • B2B & B2C: How do i convert engagement into leads and sales?
  • B2B & B2C: ??
  • Non-profit: How can I increase engagement with limited resources?
  • Non-profit: ??
  • Non-profit: ??
  • Keynote: What skills do i need to make the next leap in my career as a digital engagement professional?
  • Closing keynote: How can I be more influential and persuasive in my own messages.

What do you think? What should we add/remove from here?

(Yves salama) #5

Here are a few thoughts:

<img(http://teemdsocial.tumblr.com/post/132886365197/use-the-community-of-practice-model-to-manage)src="/uploads/feverbee/original/2X/1/1b97227b9e33739845e631c81c3391accabc1a3e.png" width=“409” height=“500”>

(Peter Staal) #6

Nir Eyal!! Author of Hooked

(Darren Gough) #7

@Peter_Staal Nir would be awesome!

(briankling) #8

I think some subject matter on localization or multi-lingual communities is appropriate, especially if you want to appeal to EMEA and not just UK.

(Scott Gould) #9

Hi Richard

It’s nice to see the focus applied to your conference in February. Really good stuff. Here is my feedback:

That’s very good. This could go many ways, so I imagine this is a session that throws out ideas for “low cost” engagement? Or is it providing a game-changing mindset shift?

With a community context, I would assume this will be about involving people in the creation of your content? Again, is this about providing ideas, or is it a game changing way of looking at things?

Not so much my field, but it’s great to see how you’ve broken down the issues.

The first two are good, and things people are certainly thinking. For the third, can I suggest looking at emotion and participation in B2B and B2C engagement. Perhaps “how do I use emotion to increase engagement?” or, “what is the right way to use emotion to increase engagement”. There have been interesting studies showing the people have greater attachment to B2B brands than B2C, and suggest that emotion has a place in B2B marketing that isn’t been accentuated.

Some of the work of Persado demonstrates a model for going about this.

This is more of my expertise. Nonprofits rely on community. Thus, different titles could be:

  • How can I strengthen my existing (offline) community through online means?
  • How can I run an online community for my cause
  • How can I attract volunteers through online engagement?
  • How can I increase my organisation’s advocacy through online community?
  • How should I engage my community online?
  • How can I empower my community to be digital advocates?

Those are two nice ways to finish. The keynote about career is very pertinent. The closing keynote could do with a sharpening of the title, as I’m not quite sure what it is about (messaging for me personally, for the organisation, or within the community?)

Additionally, in response to @Ysalama - I really like suggestion 14. This speaks to me about having levels of participation, something that I’ve spent time working on (I’m not making a promo for me here), and as such, have found that often people don’t have a strategic way of offering levels of engagement that require different amounts of participation depending on where the end user is.

Thanks for inviting feedback!


(Gear Buzz) #10

Content layout, navigation bars, & User journey

How to keep the old guard interested

How to run restricted participation “expert only” areas without negative calls of “elitism”.

Newsletter emails

(Darren Gough) #11

Agree with this. Interested, but also not entrenched and unwilling to embrace progress.

(Gear Buzz) #12

Mitosis examples of mature community.

(Sarah Hawk) #13

We’re currently talking about that here. I’d love to hear your take on it Jules.

(Richard Millington) #14

Nir’s pretty awesome. One of the challenges with a lot of the top speakers is they charge a fee that varies from $5k to $50k.

This in turns puts pressure on ticket prices which we’ve tried to keep constant for a few years now (much like the food too actually). So it becomes a bit of a catch 22 session. We need great speakers to have enough people attending to afford the great speakers. But the risk can be high too. We tend to run the entire event at the moment on a budget around the $50k mark.

(Steve Bridger) #15

Looking good… but less sure about this one. Maybe just me, but there are plenty of conferences talking ‘social media reach’ to death (and it’s usually a ‘race to the bottom’).

Maybe a session where delegates can share ‘one thing, one nugget’ from their experience in 3 minutes?

As an aside, I was wondering whether attendees could be asked to assign three keywords to their name badges. One of these could relate to the community platform they primarily use - Jive, Telligent, Discourse, etc.

(Richard Millington) #16

We can do the name badges thing.

I’m curious about the social media reach question. I haven’t been to many
non-community event this year. What’s been the general consensus?

(Sarah Hawk) #17

I like that! What would be your keywords Steve?

(Bas van Leeuwen) #18

As an aside question: are the dates on http://sprint.feverbee.com final?

If so, I can start booking tickets etc. (prefer to do that this year for tax reasons), but I haven’t really seen a formal announcement anywhere yet

(Richard Millington) #19

yes dates have been booked since last year. All locked.

(Steve Bridger) #20

Excellent conference again this year, so thank you @richard_millington @Darren_Gough @Nancy_Kinder @Todd_Nilson and volunteers.

Highlights for me (off the top of my head)…

  • Catching up with old and new friends
  • The venue now feels like your favourite pair of comfortable leather shoes
  • More female than male speakers on the programme
  • Natalie Nahai, obviously… and the graceful way she dealt with an interruption
  • The very likeable and insightful Bridget Randolph
  • David Deakin’s session about the evolving legal framework of which we need to be aware
  • @richard_millington’s opening keynote
  • The event app was a useful addition

Well done, guys.

(Darren Gough) #21

Thanks @stevebridger,

Great feedback and appreciate you coming. Sorry we didn’t get to speak much - the event days just go at 200 miles an hour!

Agree on the venue!