SPRINT London 2016 - The One Thing That Would Really Help Is

(Richard Millington) #1

SPRINT London 2016 is 2 weeks away today.

One thing that would help us is to learn one thing that you would like to get from the event.

So if you have a few seconds, try to answer any of the following:

  1. Who is the one person / type of person you would like to meet?
  2. What is the one challenge you would like to solve?
  3. What is the one thing you would like to learn?

Looking forward to meeting you all as always.

(Nicola Band) #2

Hi so here are my responses…

  1. Other Community Managers of Internal Communities
  2. Settling Compliance and security fears around using collaboration platforms
  3. Linked to above how other companies ( particularly medical/pharma) handle data issues, Or a sneaky second… what solutions people use to manage multi language communities ( click to translate etc in app etc )

Really looking forward to the event - hope to connect with some awesome people!

(Richard Millington) #3

That compliance and security one is really interesting. I’m sure we’ve worked with some other medical/pharma brands that might be able to help out (@Darren_Gough).

Wha tis the big challenge around compliance/security that you face?

Multi language is trickier. Maybe @briankling and some others can make suggestions here.

(Gear Buzz) #4
  1. Who is the one person / type of person you would like to meet?

People interested in the new forum affiliate monetisation service that a biz partner and I have in beta.

  1. What is the one challenge you would like to solve?

Getting there on time, with an espresso.

  1. What is the one thing you would like to learn?

Member retention strategies.

(Darren Gough) #5

Hi @Nicola_Band,

Let’s try and connect for a coffee at SPRINT and talk about some of the compliance and collaboration challenges. We’ve definitely had clients who have done this. It’s not my specialist area but certainly an interesting discussion. If we can get @Todd_Nilson there too it might be useful as he’s got a lot of experience with platforms and, I suspect, compliance issues of this sort.

(Bas van Leeuwen) #6
  1. Who is the one person / type of person you would like to meet?

I’d love to meet other CMs that have rolled out advanced analytics, I want to pick their brain and steal their ideas get inspiration for the analytics package I’m developing :slightly_smiling:

  1. What is the one challenge you would like to solve?

Currently we are struggling to sell our analytics package to the business; most CMs love it, but find it difficult to get budget. I’d love to get in touch with people and pick their brains on how we can provide value to the business-layer above the CM-team.

  1. What is the one thing you would like to learn?

I honestly would like to be surprised. Last year I accidentally attended the workshop that touched on dealing with suicidal members; something that I never encountered and never would’ve attended. But it was fascinating and useful in the end.

(Kevin Tam) #7
  1. What is the one challenge you would like to solve?
    Benefit tracking/ proving value from collaboration.

What types of value have you found and what do you measure/report back on?

For example, if a person implements the same technology as someone else and saves money, that is great. But there are softer things which are harder to prove.

Such as number of connections made, reduced risks, getting people to collaborate, promoting a culture change in the company, getting input ideas/consensus over a project.

I wonder how many of these needs to be followed up manually or if we can use technology to track some of these.

Better yet, what can i do to build it up so that one day I just need to show a 1 pager rather than a case-by-case demonstration to show “where was the benefit”

(briankling) #8

Hi @Nicola_Band - multi-lingual is tricky. On the one hand you would like to have a community that can coalesce around a brand or topic of interest or practice, yet frankly language/country/culture provides its own sense of community as well.

Conceptually the idea of being language agnostic is compelling, but in practice is rather difficult. It does depend though upon the language/culture. If you think your majority of members will be English speaking, fine, we’ve seen that others will contribute periodically in other languages and the community will use tools like Google Translate and the interactions work, it’s good enough to get the gist of the conversation. You can embed the Google or Bing translation widgets on your site, then both 1) track usage and 2) ask the community what they think. Not bad for reading conversations; however, if you want to actively engage with speakers of several/many other languages, and you try to map out how an onboard translation technology might work in a threaded conversation, I’m not convinced it is very effective (happy to hear I’m wrong - anyone?) because as mentioned above, there is a strong sense of community which arises simply from shared language/country/culture, and with each iteration of machine translation from one language to another, the quality degrades.

I know a bit of a wishy/washy answer, in short from what I know and have experienced, there is not yet a great solution to this; I think we will see it in the next 5 years or so, but we’re still a ways off from a Star Trek universal translator. However, there are some interesting examples like this one from Skype - http://www.skype.com/en/translator-preview/

Happy to chat further on this topic :wink:

(Nicola Band) #9

That would be fantastic, happy to hear every possible idea!

(Nicola Band) #10

Yes please! lets try to catch up!

(Mike Collins) #11
  1. Anyone with experience of migrating from one community platform to another community platform taking members and content with us

  2. Part of this migration is about integrating the community in to other systems and our organisations DNA so our challenge is how do we do this effectively

  3. How to successfully achieve points 1) & 2) and what challenges will be face and what can I learn from others who have this experience


(Sarah Hawk) #12

Hi @Mike_Collins and welcome on board.

I’ve managed two significant platform migrations. The first was a huge vB --> Discourse and the second (which was this site) from Drupal --> WP/Discourse and am really happy to share my experience and offer advice where appropriate. Feel free to start a new topic and we’ll break it down.

(Nick Emmett) #13

Some great thoughts from everyone here. My main thing to take out is one that is likely borne from great timing. the stage we’re at is now suggesting that I want/need to start really breaking through in to deeper engagement and ways to tap in to people that are just visiting our Community for a different reason than to engage in the conversations (submitting support tickets/ideas/access training etc).

I’ve been doing this properly for a year now but at times can suddenly feel like a new boy again - which to a degree is good because it makes me pause and think and learn again. SPRINT is again supremely timed for me, as it was last year but also brilliantly themed for where myself and my community have brought ourselves to so far.

I also don’t have just one person or type of person I want to meet - there’s too many. I’m hoping to catch up with people I met last year and see how everyone’s been doing. there’s been some great discussions here through the last 12 months and I’ve got lots of people I want to catch up with from that list too. I’m also hoping to meet up with a couple of platform relations (Salesforce) so all in all, looking forward to a busy couple of days! SPRINT me up!

Will be great to see @Mike_Collins there though, and in here at last. Mike can take the credit for setting me out on this journey in to Community Management and served as my unofficial mentor for several years :slight_smile:

(Mike Collins) #14

Done thanks Hawk Community Migrations (away from Ning)

(Mike Collins) #15

Looking forward to catching up and hearing what you’ve been up to Nick :slightly_smiling:

(Gear Buzz) #16

Anti Adblock strategies.

(Gear Buzz) #17

Is it

Workshop Tuesday
Conference Wednesday


(Richard Millington) #18

yes, that’s correct.

(Jo Deforce) #19

1/Not one but many, as long as they praticioners
2/How do you create a social culture? Open or closed or hybride?
3/How to assess associations current culture towards collaboration in general, as well as social networking ,internally and externally(theis members.

Thanks in advance, CU tomorrow!


(Ed Giansante) #20

Hi all!

Sorry I’m late on my replies here - I’m so looking forward to meeting you all! :smile:

To answer the questions
1) Who is the one person / type of person you would like to meet?
Community managers and alike from all over the world and types of industries. I love to learn from you guys. It will be great to connect further :slight_smile:

2) What is the one challenge you would like to solve?
Measuring helpfulness in meaningful ways and with the right sample (not a biased sample that click on “was it helpful - yes / no”)

3) What is the one thing you would like to learn?
Your measures of success, tips and pitfalls, and why not, something new that I wasn’t planning on learning :slight_smile: