SPRINT Europe 'social'

(Steve Bridger) #1

I’m looking forward to SPRINT in London next month.

Last year, we all went to the Burlington Arms at the end of Day 1.

This year, I can only attend the conference on Day Two… but will consider staying over the night before if the ‘after party’ is at the end of Day One, and not Day Two.

What’s the plan @richard_millington @Darren_Gough?

(Nick Emmett) #2

I was lucky enough to be at both days last year and will be the same again this year. Really enjoyed both evenings after the days had finished so would definitely be up for a few drinks afterwards, be great to catch up with people.

(Bas van Leeuwen) #3

I’ll be in London for a week (though I’ll only attend day two), so I’m up for a drink or two as well :slightly_smiling:

(Richard Millington) #4

it’s one of the things we still need to organise actually.

We’re not 100% decided on it yet.

Last year we ended up with a heftier bar tab than I anticipated. Turns out
people expected free food too…and I was feeling generous.

  • Rich

(Steve Bridger) #5

It appeared seemingly out of nowhere… and was awesome. I believe I said so on my evaluation form :wink: Absolutely not expected though. Seriously.

(Richard Millington) #6

that was my dinner :frowning:

(Peter Staal) #7

I’m in for free dinner. I’m Dutch :slight_smile:

(Darren Gough) #8

I’m very happy to meet up with you all at the end of the first day in whatever form it takes.

If we blow the budget that could be McDonalds Saver Menu and some cans of Special Brew…

(Bas van Leeuwen) #9

I’d be happy to pay for my own food. I’m also Dutch :slightly_smiling:

On a more serious note, day 1 felt like a community driven meetup. I don’t necessarily expect Feverbee to pay to be honest.

(Steve Bridger) #10

Ditto. And we can “go Dutch”.

(Peter Staal) #11

Hi Richard, Do you have a list of attendees available? So I can already start looking into who I want/need to talk to? Thanks

(Nick Emmett) #12

Neat idea @Peter_Staal although I’m not sure how able/possible it would be to be able to produce something like this - not everyone might want their details publishing about attending etc. However - what might be cool is something like this - a list of people you should meet whilst there. A List of influencers that Rich and the team would recommend trying to hook up with for a chat whilst at SPRINT!

Got my travel and hotel booked now - all set and looking forward to the two days!

(Steve Bridger) #13

Train to London (on Tues pm) and hotel booked. Definitely up for meeting up after the end of Tuesday workshops.

(Bas van Leeuwen) #14

Is this being organised by Feverbee? Or shall we have an informal gathering of the people reading here? :slightly_smiling:

(Richard Millington) #15


So if you’re coming to the workshop, we’ve got drinks/food booked just a short distance away. The team and I will be there until the exact moment the Arsenal / Barcelona game begins (7.45pm)

If you’re coming to the conference, emoderation are hosting an open bar for us all at the GEM bar.

So depending on what event we’re going to, we can meet up at either.

And if you’re not going to neither, well, hard luck :frowning:

(Steve Bridger) #16

This is on my mind, too @richard_millington.

(Nick Emmett) #17

Looking forward to seeing everyone now, only days away.

(Bas van Leeuwen) #18

Ah, I won’t be attending the workshops this year, guess I’ll just see you all at the emoderation party.