Sprint 2017

Hey @richard_millington - Happy New Year!

Is there any news on a date for SPRINT London this year yet? I’m away for a week in February (when it’s been for the last couple of years) and have a sinking feeling it’s going to clash!

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Hey Nick,

Well the good news is you won’t miss it. The bad news is we’re not planning
to host SPRINT in Europe this year. We might do a workshop session at some
point though.

The challenge with events is they take up an exorbitant amount of time and
money to have a relatively light touch on an audience of 200 to 400 people.
At the moment we’re more focused on developing tools and resources that can
either have a huge help to a smaller group (as per our course) or can reach
audiences of 10k+ or so (the roi/strategy guides).

  • Rich

I swear, one of these days I am going to run a virtual online trade show. Last I checked there was a cool Italian outfit offering a platform to run them. perhaps 2018.

We did look at this once or twice, but what we broadly found is people just don’t see the enough value in them. You incur a lot of the costs (time) without the same level of benefits (awesome day interacting with likeminded people).

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Thanks @richard_millington that is disappointing but the silver lining of not missing out softens the blow a little. I’ve got so much out of these events the last few years, a workshop sounds great, keep us in the loop.

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@richard_millington Hi There, any updates to any type of conference for FeverBee this year?

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