SPAM blocking

What platform do you run your community on and what SPAM blocking features does it have?

I’ve been using Discourse and really like the comprehensive anti-SPAM features. I’ve listed as many as I know of below:

Server Plugins


  • Integrated review queue i.e. one place to review automated and manual flags
  • Flags that moderators disagree with are not counted as spam

User checks

  • Akismet reviews all new users and their posts
  • Levenshtein distance check on user names e.g. compare against recent spammer list
  • Block IP address range / Whitelist IP address range (using star or CIDR notation)
  • Block domain
  • Alert for same IP address for different users
  • Keeps registration IP address and last IP address
  • In robots.txt, block user profiles/badges from being crawled by spiders: partly to black hat SEO spammers target user profiles
  • Staged users handled differently to other new users e.g. aren’t punished for being suspected but only if confirmed.
  • Suspend suspected spammer: no login
  • Block suspected spammer so no posting but private messages to staff allowed; not mentionable by other users
  • Delete confirmed spammer and unassign posts
  • Users can silence spammers

Topics and post checks

  • Akismet reviews all new user posts
  • Flag new user with super-fast typing
  • Rate-limit new users: maximum topics on first day; rate per new topic; maximum images per post; maximum links per post; set edit grace period; block new user edits; etc.
  • Hide posts flagged by TL3 users
  • Delete confirmed spammer’s posts

Email checks

P.S. I’ll add features as I think of them

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I use Telligent a lot. Out of the box it is good enough but in a B2B this is less prone by nature. Used akismet but it led to false positives.