Something appears to have broken here

Not quite what what’s happened here yet. Give me a day or two and we’ll get it fixed.

Sorry about this…

Appears to be fixed now.

Let me know if anyone spots anything clearly wrong here :slight_smile:

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I think technical-wise everything looks fantastic.

But, the one thing I think is a little bit wrong here is that as the founding member of this community you’re not involved/engaged enough in it.

I do understand that you’re super busy, and I hope you take this as a constructive feedback.


That’s a very fair and valid criticism.

We downsized the team down to mostly about two years ago which has been great for business purposes, but it’s had a negative knock-on effect on the community as no-one is actively managing it today. I reply when I can and without dominating discussions.

It’s mostly a time challenge. My schedule is a bit nuts. I’m in Toronto today, Washington DC tomorrow, back in Toronto on Tues to Thurs, London on Friday and Sydney on Saturday etc…

I’m planning to make some changes to the community in the near future that might help. But, again, I need a little too to implement those too :slight_smile:

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I have learned a lot here and I can’t stop to say thank you.
What I think is that we need a real cmgr that have time to spend with new activities, connnections, ecc… (something that @HAWK did very well)
Maybe not a full-time cmgr just someone that can devote a few hours per day
It’s not just to revive the feverbee community. Having a not active community is not a good image for your brand as well. People can think: “ehy that’s all theory but a the end of the day, in reality, things are different. Even for expert community strategists”


It’s a fair point and I considered that a few times in deciding whether to keep this going or not.

Ultimately I’m ok with it at the moment, but I’m probably going to take it private again in the near future and connect it with the coaching programs we’re doing at

Then there will be a clear reason to deliberately drive more activity. So far it’s been very useful for test-driving different concepts and ideas.