Solving The ‘Too Busy To Participate’ Problem

(Richard Millington) #1
Originally published at: <strong></strong><br><br>There’s a moment in many new client meetings where someone will say:

“The problem with [our audience], is they are too busy to participate!”

We’ve heard this from every type of community. Even a community for retirees.

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(Nick Emmett) #2

I had this in a previous role with an internal community, whilst doing the rounds of sessions with the middle managers on how they could use it with their teams to improve their agility and work better - there were quite a few people who would say Nick, when will I have the time to do this, I’m just too busy!

I would try and get them to think about what might happen if they didn’t find/make the time and everyone else was adopting it - the kind of things they’d be missing out on, the potential delays they might cause, the feedback they might miss out on etc