Social media strategy and community


(Robert McIntosh) #1

In the past (in the ‘What are you working on?’ threads) I’ve noticed that many of us also have to help to produce Social Media strategies in addition to Community ones.

Is anyone willing and able to share how they combine the two to keep the concept clear that community is NOT social media, but that they can benefit each other? What format does your social media strategy take?

I am not (currently) involved in the social media communications for the retail business for whom I manage the community, and there are many goals for that communication channel, but I often find myself trying to stop certain messaging (to help keep community separate) and I would prefer to be more proactive and positive and offer positive suggestions and ideas, so any pointers would be gratefully received.

(Emma Furtado) #2

It’s important internally to define what your community is, and sometimes, more importantly, what it is NOT. I’ve also noticed that if you don’t tell people what community is for, others will have lots of ideas for you. :wink:

I do use twitter for my community and explain it like “I use social media to spread the word about what is going on in the community.”

Perhaps build a slide that outlines what community is for, and define your messaging. I’ve done that at my job. I’ve created messaging guidelines that includes how we talk about our community, our members, and their work. I’ve also written “problem” statements that don’t mention problems our marketing departments speaks of, instead they are focused on the users and everything they can do.

When you go to your meetings to discuss cross functionally, I always feel like it helps to have something concrete to look at and review. I recommend coming up with your messaging first, defining the differences, and then partnering with your coworkers to fill in any gaps.

(Evelien Schut) #3

I find this difficult as well, especially because I am not a social media specialist :slight_smile:
I try to keep it separate, but I do work together when talking about the Growth of the community. I discuss the growth levels and also the audience/segments that are interesting to get into the community.
But I leave the approach and strategy up to the experts.

I like your tips @communitygal about the messaging guidelines!!