So what is the Most Important Element of a succesful CoP for you?

(Mick Brian) #1

Can you take 30 secs to put one comment on my Padlet please in relation to what you think is the most important element for a successful CoP. I will then share the thoughts I get back. Thanks, Mick

(Sarah Hawk) #2

Done. I haven’t seen Padlet before.

(Mick Brian) #3

It’s really good Sarah. I was introduced to it on a Webinar and thought it has lots of potential. Thanks for taking the time to do that. :+1:

(Mick Brian) #4

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the pallet. It really helped with an initiative at work and went down well.

(Richard Millington) #5

I’d add that having smart people who are motivated to participate and drive the profession forward would be among the biggest.

The hard part with almost every CoP is getting the right people and motivating them to participate.