So, what are you working on?

(Sarah Hawk) #144

I like this! What tool are you using @JasonHill? What kind of conversion rate are you getting?

(Sarah Hawk) #145

So just to clarify – your CMs manage the community but don’t generally post because it’s a technical support community and you have experts that answer the questions? You are hoping to create more of a sense of community by seeding some off topic/social threads and are wondering how to make that scalable without doing it all yourself?

(Sarah Hawk) #146

Be careful with this. People love the idea of icons but they can create huge cognitive bloat if they’re not very easily recognised or already used on other sites. This article explains in more detail: UX Myth #13: Icons enhance usability

(Jason Hill) #147

I’ve been using Lexer @HAWK

We’ve found the tech is great but the support can be a little lacking at times.

Conversion rate would be less than 10 per cent at the moment but there is a high barrier to entry at the moment with our password protection. When that’s lifted I will go back and try to re-engage.

(Gear Buzz) #148

Icon + text seems to be safe in the studies.

Stage and crowd = live sound
Truck = remote recording
Drum set - drum sub forum
Guitars = guitar section
Synth = edm / dance music section
Rapper on mic = rap music

We need a quicker than reading, at a glance overview of what might be on offer.

Plus, this is for musicians / music technology people - I feel we can stand some cartoon like imagery in our cartoon like lives!

(Sarah Hawk) #149

Yup – text is key. Often people end up removing the text because it looks ‘cleaner’, which is where things fall over.

(alissa brown) #150

@HAWK that’s about right. So, my team which is made up of two other people are considered the community managers. No one else moderates the community other than us. Our members create the content and answer each others questions. Part of my question would be scalability, but also experience from others doing this in a technical forum. I feel like when you have a technical forum you get two groups of people- the “I like being social and I like to share my thoughts” or “this is our technical place to ask questions- these discussions are annoying”. Maybe I’m wrong though! So, looking for advice, thoughts, experience. Thanks for your help!

(ForumSentinel) #151

Unfortunately almost 13 years of growth had to plateau sometime. On a downturn for a couple years now, trying to figure out how to manage the small groups and move from maturity to mitosis.

(Sarah Hawk) #152

Ok, I’m hearing you.

So I think this is about culture. I have belonged to technical communities that definitely embraced off topic, personal conversations, and I actually made a great many friends there as a result. I’ve also seen communities that are quite the opposite.

Are you noticing a trend towards people trying to have non-technical conversations, which is the driver for this, or is it something that you want to experiment with in a quest to create a stronger sense of community?

Rather than worry too much about scalability at the moment, why don’t you test the water and see what the uptake is like? What you don’t want are a whole lot of topics from CMs that sit there unanswered.

(Phillip Matheson) #153


I am working on a branding project with two clients involved in the entertainment industry here in the Caribbean. One is establish the other is new and building…I discovered you guys as part of a course that I am doing with Podium and so I thought about how useful building communities for each of these clients is for their brands and businesses alike.


(Sarah Hawk) #154


[quote=“Phillip_Matheson, post:153, topic:1328”]
I thought about how useful building communities for each of these clients is for their brands and businesses alike.
[/quote] Fantastic. Have you begun the community side of things yet, or is this part of your research?
Is there anything that you’re finding challenging?

(Laura McCullum) #155

My name is Laura and I am a Senior Community Manager at 7Summits. I help our clients implement and manage their communities. I mainly work on Jive and Salesforce, but have been exposed to other platforms as well. I have worked with over 50 communities in the last 2 years and have learned so much working with each client.

I love helping a client create their strategy, build their community and help them manage it after it launches. I am not always involved from the beginning but I do love digging in when I have the opportunity. My favorite part is helping them configure the community, which probably comes from my UX/Design background.

I am based out of Milwaukee, but love to travel all over to work with clients. I really enjoy going to the clients place of business to really grasp the true essence of the environment and take it all in. Especially for internal communities.

I look forward to participating in these discussions and learning from each of you!

(Todd Nilson) #156

Hey @LauraMac! Don’t I know you from somewhere? :grin: Nice to see ya. Happy new year!

(tero hollanti) #157

I like Facebook as it is, a community bit in willing to make the own form of a working place for me. I am new here and somehow it found me searching for a community.

(Richard Millington) #158

Hey @LauraMac - thanks for joining us.

Big fan of what you’ve been doing at 7Summits - congrats.

(Todd Nilson) #159

Welcome @terohollanti! If I understood you correctly, tell us a little more about how you are using Facebook for work?

(Dr. Michael Sutton) #160

Greetings…I’m Michael Sutton. I have been specifically working in higher education for over a decade, and have taught at Grand Canyon University, Kent State University, Boise State University, Salt Lake Community College, and Westminster College. Learners tell me that I bring a unique perspective to education because of my corporate experience combined with my passion for experiential teaching and learning.

In my 45 year corporate and educational career, I have provided innovative consulting services associated with Management Consulting, Gamification, Knowledge Management, Intellectual Capital, and Learning Organizations to a range of clients:
• Agricultural and AgriFood Canada,
• Atomic Energy Control Board and Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.,
• Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA),
• Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)
• Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSE),
• Department of Foreign Affairs & International Trade (Canada),
• Employment and Immigration Canada,
• International Development Law Institute (IDLI),
• UN Department of Humanitarian Affairs,
• UN High Commission for Refugees,
• United Nations,
• US Agency for International Development (USAID),
• US Department of the Navy (DON).

You may wish to acquire more information about my background, education, and experience.

I am building online learning COPS within the architecture of Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and wikis. I also strive to build engagement and retention in my learner communities through gamification, serious gaming, simulations, and immersive learning environments.

My purpose is joining this Expert Group is to acquire additional knowledge about engagement techniques and learning strategies, and to contribute where I can based upon my background and experience over the last 30 years with very early COPs and COIs.

“What is a teacher? I’ll tell you: it isn’t someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of her best in order to discover what she already knows.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Witch of Portobello

(Todd Nilson) #161

Hi @michaeljdsutton and welcome to the Expert Group! Your project sounds very interesting as I am particularly interested in leveraging LMS and game design. What are some of the challenges you are facing as you implement your community of practice? While it is not surprising to hear about the use of gamification with these kinds of situations, sometimes learners feel like it can cheapen the overall experience if it is too gimmicky or does not match the tone or seriousness of the learning situation or if it does not feel like genuine relevant accomplishment. I am curious if you’ve encountered this in the process of building engagement.

I’m also very interested in how you’re using simulations and serious games on this front and how you are distinguishing the gamified aspects of the LMS from the more immersive true “game” elements. I’ve seen users confuse gamification with games often enough and am wondering if that has proven to be a stumbling block.

(Alexandra Kleijn) #162

Hi all, I am a Dutch gal living in Germany. I work as a freelance translator, blogger and language teacher. Over the years I have been building a community with my blog (WordPress based) and right now I am looking into ways of expanding that community, possibly by setting up a paid membership as an extra option.

I am looking forward to learning from the pros here :slight_smile:


(Sarah Hawk) #163

Welcome. :simple_smile:

I’ve had a bit of experience doing that in a couple of different ways with WordPress, so if you have any specific questions or challenges, feel free to kick off a new thread and I can help you troubleshoot.