So, what are you working on?

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Awesome, many thanks for directing me to to this post Hawk - this is just where I’m at right now :slight_smile:

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Hi all!

I’m building a community for a nonprofit called Best Friends Animal Society. They have an existing pool of 1700+ network partners which are the folks we are creating the community for as a way for them to connect with us at Best Friends and to connect with each other. We will be housing lots of curated content, but want to facilitate connections quickly to help each other reach similar goals in this animal advocacy sector.

I need to have something tangible launched by July of 2017, so in the process of learning about the partners we’ll be serving and trying to narrow down tools that will meet the needs are two big focuses at the moment. Any folks with tool suggestions that are great fits for the nonprofit sector would be awesome!

I’m also looking for a content specialist/writer, who will also likely play a deep role is helping in the community and I’m combing the interweb to find good places to post the position for others to find who might have these skills and also LOVE animals.

I’m grateful for places like this where community professionals can share advice so thank you!

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Hi @Aimee_Turner_Charlto and welcome!

Thanks for joining us and sharing what you’re working on.

Is there anything specific you need from the tool that would be unique to your sector among non-profits? I think that would help narrow things down.

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Welcome. :slight_smile:

@rebeccabraglio has extensive experience working with animal/pet communities. She would be a great contact for you.

We need to change our behaviour here at Experts
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Digital trends and tech for interaction at live events
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Hi everyone

My name is Adrian, and I’m from Brighton, in the UK.

Right now I work for the Institute of Development Studies, a research institute working to eliminate global poverty and social injustice. I support a range of projects here in which key academics, policymakers and practitioners need to get together to find solutions to complex problems.

There is a growing interest in the sector in so-called ‘Communities of Practice’ however this is not commonly matched by the resourcing for ongoing spaces or platforms.

So the majority of the work I do is in convening ‘pop-up’ spaces in which a specific group of highly targeted individuals are gathered in dedicated online spaces for fixed periods of time. This is often for a matter of just a few days.

From the experience of 50+ such ‘discussion events’ I’ve learned a good deal about how to define and achieve success, and have shared various posts on this, including:

As a guest editor for the upcoming Knowledge Management for Development journal ( edition on Communities of Practice I’m hoping to help raise awareness of why and how online interactive spaces can play a role in achieving global development goals. I may also submit an article relating to recent personal learning. Anyone interested in co-authoring?!

I recently closed an umbrella platform providing free-at-point-of-use personal and group spaces for professionals in the sector. After 10 years of existence the platform ran out of steam - and no new funding could be found. Now I blog there about how we approach the discussion events we run, how we’ve tried to use tech to augment and enhance user experiences, and other work we’ve done to increase access to online communities. - see:

In this space I’m interested in sharing and learning with others in relation to understanding and measuring ‘success’. Perhaps folk here have interesting things to say about quantitative and qualitative participation metrics and analysis, or about storytelling to external stakeholders about success in ways that resonate with them.

Looking forward to meeting and learning from others


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Hey @adrianbannister, welcome to Feverbee Experts, it’s great to hear from you. Sounds like you’ve been doing some great work there, what drives the work that you do internally? And what sort of value do your Communities offer your customers/members?

This intterests me - on both counts - why do think there is growing interest, and what’s happening about it? Why do you think it’s not being matched in the number of communities and platforms coming in?

(Cathy Liu) #343

Hi everyone,
I do daily community management for MapR Converge Community. It is an external community, roughly composed of 6,000 members. The community was launched less than a year. I just recently join the company and aim to grow the community engagement and start an advocate program.

MapR Converge Community is targeting big data professionals, partners who used MapR tools and students who are interested in big data management field. It is built on the Jive Cloud platform. We currently utilize different spaces for topics that interest different groups of audience.

Challenges are definitely building MapR advocates and using the community beyond product issue report tool.

Any suggestions are definitely welcome.


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This is fascinating! What platform do you use?[quote=“adrianbannister, post:341, topic:1328”]
Perhaps folk here have interesting things to say about quantitative and qualitative participation metrics and analysis, or about storytelling to external stakeholders about success in ways that resonate with them.

Here are a couple of discussions and articles:

(Sarah Hawk) #345

Hi Cathy – welcome. 6k members in one year is impressive!

We’re working on a big content piece around advocacy programs which should help you out here – keep an eye out for that in the coming months.

(Cathy Liu) #346

Thanks, Sarah! Look forward to read the content on advocacy programs.

(Adrian Bannister) #347

Hi @Nick_Emmett

Thanks for your reply, and interesting questions. I’ll try to briefly respond as best I can:

Firstly ‘…what drives the work that you do internally?’ The business needs that drive us internally are mainly:

  1. project objectives - our research and policy influence agendas push us to ‘co-create knowledge’ with partners and stakeholders that are credible, persuasive and evidence-based;
  2. operational modality - we are typically working closely with individuals and organisations spread globally, including where Internet connectivity is not always strong / reliable enough for syncronous online exchange. We often have relatively limited budgets for international travel to bring groups of people together face to face;
  3. organisational strategy - as a hybrid think tank, consultancy and academic research institution, we seek to create a niche for ourselves in which one of the roles we play is as a convener of key thinkers / players / actors around cutting edge research and action. In our strategy we call this approach ‘Engaged Excellence’.

Secondly ‘…and what sort of value do your Communities offer your customers/members?’ We work hard to distinguish between the objectives of the project and those of participants, and to articulate the value we can offer to them. Although we largely operate in the NPO sector we still recognise this is a competitive environment that isn’t simply driven by information needs. So we tailor our messaging so that they appeal to people’s ‘Public Good’ (e.g. sharing new knowledge with others) and ‘Private Gain’ (e.g. reputation is strengthened) objectives.

And thirdly ‘why do think there is growing interest, and what’s happening about it? Why do you think it’s not being matched in the number of communities and platforms coming in?’ So, I should first acknowledge I’m not able to quantify this claim about increased growth with limited investment’. I don’t believe data to do this is easily available, or has been gathered. I’d welcome it if others could sense-check this from their own positions.

I think what I was trying to get across is that, anecdotally speaking, there seems to be a greater sense that the aid sector can harness online communities to tackle the challenges it faces, but that this is not commonly matched by a sense of what contribution they can really make, how this value-added can be predictably realised, and what it takes to make this happen.

As a result, there can be an imbalance in which new spaces are created (possibly duplicating existing ones), where the real interests / needs of target audiences are not properly taken into account, and where the capacity / resourcing for those managing such spaces is not sufficient.

If this plays out, the landscape becomes increasingly populated by spaces that are only of only limited success, but propped up by the fixed period grant-funding afforded to them. This isn’t good for either professionals in the sector who need those spaces to improve their professional development or for the sector itself.

Does anyone else recognise this trend? Be good to hear if yes / no.


(Adrian Bannister) #348

Hi Sarah (@HAWK)

We have used a variety of technical platforms including: email Listservs (e.g. Lyris) and bespoke implementations of web platforms e.g. Webcrossing and CommunityCloud.

I should flag up a conflict of interest here - I’m on the board of the DGroups Foundation which uses CommunityCloud technology to run its many Communities. Other platforms / services are available as well!

Thanks for the resources on metrics and storytelling

(Claudius Henrichs) #349

Almost a year after registering and lurking here it’s finally time to say “hello” :wave:

I am Claudius Henrichs and have a background in community admin, management, development (in both the technical as well as growth aspect) and most of all membership :smiley:

My first community experience from the ownership side was the biggest German speaking combat flight simulator forum at where I acted as community co-admin. From there on I became an active volunteer member in the Skype Forums early on, translating, testing and moderating. When this forum was relaunching and -branding on the Lithium Platform as Skype Community 2011 as Community Manager. Through various re-organisations, focus changes, resource sizing adjustments - both growth and shrinking - I had a great practical course in a global enterprise community across 11 languages until November 2016. In December 2016 I started at Lithium to build up a new Best Practice Center.

Looking back it is interesting to see the central role community participation played for my career as all of my previous activity as (super) user paved the way for my next opportunity.

I am currently working on broadening my understanding of community strategies in different industries, organisations of various sizes, cultural backgrounds, technologies etc. with a view to start contributing more to this exchange myself.

(Sarah Hawk) #350

Fantastic. Great to hear from you at last. You’ll make a valuable addition to our community, given your experience.

(Elisabeth Crecink) #351

Hey, everyone!

My name is Elisabeth and I’m the Community Manager for an employer’s association specializing in HR. We have both an internal and external community, but right now all my efforts are going into a migration from Jive to Salesforce partnered with a redesign for our external community. We’re hoping the redesign will address some of our core struggles- HR professionals are BUSY and want to get in, get their answers, and get out! Our conversion funnel falls apart from lurkers to active participants.

As a community management team of one, I often struggle with balancing the need to develop long-term strategy with the daily administrative tasks it takes to keep the community functioning.

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Hi I’m Sarah, Community Manager at SaaStock.

SaaStock is an annual conference for scaling SaaS Companies held in Dublin, Ireland in September. 2016 saw our first event bringing 700 SaaS Founders and Investors together for a fantastic event. This year we hope to more than double our numbers to 1500 attendees.

Currently, I am building our community from the ground up, engaging cross channels and platforms.

This community came highly recommended.

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I hear you on this. I have the same struggle, and it’s something I was talking with @Katie_Paffhouse_Buss about late last year. Putting time aside to work on bigger goals at the cost of engagement is a hard change in mindset. Welcome – glad you found us.

That’s great to hear – makes it all worthwhile. Are you building the community specifically around the event?