So, what are you working on?

(Tashina Combs) #272

It definitely is another barrier to interaction, but it doesn’t make it impossible. In fact, it could be argued that it will get you participants that truly want interaction and guidance in the community and they could end up being very active users. So don’t lose motivation! This just may be a bigger learning experience, and there’s a lot of value in that. I run a support community that is primarily accessed through a support portal, though it’s not gated. It’s also the community for a community platform whose primary use case is support communities.

Like Hawk said, getting them to stay is going to be extra work. When a community is tied to a support portal, I think it can increase the amount of transactional visits. My suggestions would be to add lots of extra value around support topics and to ask a lot of questions. I think making them feel valued is key. I could go on and on with ideas here, but am worried my response would be too long. :slight_smile: Feel free to message me if you would like!

(ellen lenihan flaherty) #273

I built my first online community way back in 2001 - yikes i’m getting old! Since 2010 I’ve been managing what is now a wonderfully vibrant and thriving online education community ( For the last 7 months I’ve been working with another organization as they’re building a COP. At first I just provided training, and then they asked me to come as a consultant. When I first conceived of the training I found the articles here very helpful in getting the stakeholders and lead educators (who are the face of the community) to understand how communities evolve. The problem is now the stakeholders don’t have clear vision or commitment as to what the community should be and how it should work. So now, I come to FeverBee from time to time when I feel I’m out of ideas/frustrated to see what advice/info I can find to share with both the stakeholders and educators. Glad to be here.

(Ciara Beuster) #274

Hey everyone, I’ve been a bit slow to connect here but finally sitting down to share some thoughts. Thanks @HAWK for reaching out and suggesting I join this conversation!

My name is Ciara and I work as Community Facilitator in an Online Community connecting educators from Jesuit and Ignatian schools around the world. The network of schools already exists so in a way we are very lucky that the community is there! Our challenge is to figure how best to develop the community platform and how to facilitate interaction in a global, multilingual online education community, The idea of the community is for teachers in Jesuit/Ignatian schools to have a safe space to connect, share resources, share ideas and collaborate on global projects. An incredibly inspiring and enjoyable job! (albeit sometimes slightly challenging) And we are based in the beautiful west of Ireland :slight_smile:

A year after our community site went live we are now looking for a new person to join our team! I wonder do you guys have any suggestions of where we can advertise this role? @HAWK do you guys advertise roles for online community jobs?

Any suggestions or ideas welcome! And hope everyone has a great weekend :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #275

Great to hear from you @eflatsy. Do you have some ideas or strategies in place to tackle this challenge? If not, feel free to start a new topic and we can brainstorm. It would be valuable learning for lots of people.

Hi @MsCiaraB , great to hear from you too! Certainly better late than never. :slight_smile:
We don’t advertise jobs here, but CMX have a great board here.

(Chris Detzel) #276

Hi @MsCiaraB I would love to connect with you at some point, not about the job, but about how you are dealing with multi-languages and running a global community. I, too have a community (Electricians) that has been around for 1 year, and we are dealing with the language portion and a number of other issues.

(Sarah Hawk) #277

@Mengmeng_Niu will also have some great insights to share on the subjects of multilingual and global community. She’s the Community Program Manager at Google Translate.

(ellen lenihan flaherty) #278

Yes @Hawk - and have been implementing them. The best result is when I show them data - it seems to refocus them a bit, but what I’m really starting to realize is the situation is beyond my control due to funding issues, conflicting internal visions, and most importantly limited resources. At this point I’m continuing working with the lead community members and nurture new members/voices within the community to continue to engage. Organizationally to continually show them the data is reflecting growth and the community is evolving on track. Do you have other ideas?

Getting a commitment from stakeholders
(ellen lenihan flaherty) #279

@MsCiaraB we should talk re: you’re opening…

(Ciara Beuster) #280

Great, thank you @HAWK!! Will check it out!

(Ciara Beuster) #281

Hi @eflatsy, yes absolutely!
Feel free to drop me a mail to cbeuster at Would be delighted to chat to you about it!

(Ciara Beuster) #282

Hi @Chris_Detzel, yes I’d be delighted to chat about the multi-lingual aspect of the community. It’s a fascinating one! What would the best way to connect be?

(Sam Jacobs) #283


My name is Sam Jacobs, and I am the Partner Engagement Manager(/Community Manager) at OpenX, an advertising technology company in beautiful Los Angeles, California.

I have been the Community Manager at OpenX since we first launched the community back in October 2015. The idea of implementing a community came from our Chief Customer Officer, who has overseen community implementations at multiple companies in the past. In the ad tech industry, the support experience is very limited and unimaginative, and we wanted to introduce an industry leading experience for our customers by providing ways for them to interact and engage with each other and the OpenX brand in a fun and meaningful way. I have been working to make that happen ever since.

Currently, I am working on transforming our community from a prescriptive support forum to something much more multi-faceted and dimensional. So far, our customers are really only visiting the community when they have a problem/need help, and aren’t really engaging or bonding with one another. We are exploring gamification options in an effort to supply our customers with extrinsic motivation to engage, but really also need to focus on tactics that will increase our users’ intrinsic motivation as well. That’s why I’m here.

A colleague of mine forwarded a case study that you guys performed on using tactical psychology to increase community engagement, and I thought it was a great read. I’m here to read more things like that, get inspired by my peers, and learn all that I can about community best practices. :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #284

Excellent! Welcome Sam. :slight_smile:

We talk a lot about motivation around here, so you’re in the right place. I recently wrote an ebook that might be of interest to you. You can grab it here for free if you’re interested.

(Gear Buzz) #285

Ongoing re design (epic / never ending)
Member polls for best / top ten products

(Jeffrey Otterspoor) #286
  • Changing our way of showing Announcements and Admins in our chat. We’re making it more obvious and pwetty.
  • Surveying to get some feedback on how customers experience our Support.
  • European Championship Events (we recently sent a couple of customers to a few matches for example).
  • We are going to visit customers on their camping this summer. We’re renting a big van, and will drive by all the campings they signed up for a game of Bingo, sharing some goodies and having new customers register themselves.
  • Couple of new exciting launches on mobile, and great updates in our games.
  • Live Sessions on Facebook. Q&A sessions with Community Managers, live tutorials and big announcements.

We’re currently trying out this new feature on Facebook. Did anyone else give it a shot?

(Sarah Hawk) #287

That sounds amazing! Fun.

I’d love to hear more about your experience with this. I haven’t seen it in action yet. Is it easy to use?

(Jeffrey Otterspoor) #288

Did you miss the American lady with the Chewbacca mask? If you did, look it up. It’s hilarious. Besides, that was a live video.

We’ve done a couple of sessions so far. Some announcements, some Q&A sessions and we’re brainstorming on future live events. Some of the lessons learned include:

  • Get a good phone or camera or use an API for streaming screen captures.
  • Wifi…oh god. It happened twice we lost connection during a live session. We use a wired connection now if possible.
  • Viewers go up after a couple of minutes, so make sure that your session is long enough.
  • Use tripods or proper equipment for a stable screen if it’s just one view (Q&A for example).
  • Make a script if your presenter is not a natural speaker, or used to going live.
  • Use tools to be able to communicate with the team that goes live, without interfering the session.

After reviewing data the live videos are fairly interesting. We’ve only played around with it a couple of times, so I can’t say how big of a success it will be for us. We’re planning to do some recurring live events on Facebook, as we have done on our platform before. Kinda excited about that :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #289

Ah, got it. So live sessions aren’t necessarily interactive?

(Jolanda Timmerman) #290

Thanks for your warm welcome. My name is Jolanda Timmerman, living in the Netherlands and working on building a community innitiated by the local governement.
In my private life have been active in community’s since 1999. All community’s created around my passion for horses and dressage. I am really happy that the gouvernement wants their inhabitants to participate in community’s and dicuss with them about their policy. But it is really difficult to get people interested and make them participate.
[excuses for my bad english :worried: this makes me often some reserved to participate in your dicussion, Google translate is my precious friend :blush: ]

(Sarah Hawk) #291

First up, I am so glad you decided to participate. I admire your bravery and the fact that you speak more than one language! Definitely don’t be nervous, be proud! :slight_smile:

What an amazing opportunity! So do you have people signing up and reading, but not engaging?