So, what are you working on?

(Gear Buzz) #252

Rolling out new design (just some areas) for 5+ year members only.

Gathering feedback.

It’s been fairly positive. Many don’t like the large font and bright white BG.

(Sarah Hawk) #253

Agreed. The contrast is too high.

(Dan Broadbent) #254

Hi everyone!

My name is Dan and I work for an Australian organisation that supports young people living with cancer. We have been running face to face services for around thirty years now and have relatively recently made the jump to the online space!! The idea is that any young person who has experienced a cancer diagnosis themselves, whose parents/siblings have experienced a diagnosis, or whose parents/siblings have passed away as a result from cancer, can connect in with other young people who get what it’s like.

My role is to oversee the peer community (as opposed to the online counselling services we also provide) and we are still in our relative infancy, but the community has been incredibly active already in creating meaningful connections and generating heaps of content for each other. But there are still plenty of exciting opportunities for growth and I look forward to connecting in and learning from the rest of the community here!

(Colleen Young) #255

Hi @Dan_CanTeen, welcome. You’ve jumped on board at a very timely moment. I hope you’ll weigh in on this conversation Young adult (age 18 to 35) engagement on a health or patient community

I, too, work with patient communities. I used to run a group for women with breast cancer which was adopted by the Canadian Cancer Society’s online community Now I am the Community Director of Mayo Clinic Connect.

Your community is a welcome addition to the space. What is the URL?

(Dan Broadbent) #256

Hi @colleenyoung thanks for the welcome! And for the forum link, it looks like a great conversation to be a part of! Timely indeed :smile:

I’m really interested in the work you are doing with Mayo Clinic Connect, it seems to cover such a broad range of circumstances! I look forward to learning a bit more about it. Unfortunately the CanTeen online space is entirely private due to both the sensitive nature of the content being discussed, and also the challenges associated with balancing anonymity against face to face peer support. But for a snapshot of what we do, the CanTeen website is a pretty great place to start!

(Nick Emmett) #257

Welcome @Dan_CanTeen, it’s great you found this corner of the interweb and, as @colleenyoung suggests, there’s some really timely conversations happening around the forums at the minute in your space, in particular the one alreadyh mentioned. What sort of challenges are you facing that we might be able to help with? It sounds as though your members are engaging to start with, what’s the age range you typically target and see in there?

(James Campbell) #258

Hey everyone!

I’m James, a Community Manager working in the videogames industry (F2P browser games at the moment). Originally from England, I came to Hamburg, Germany after university and have been working in the industry for 2 years now!

A lot of my daily work involves crisis control, and we’re heavily focused on retention of old users, keeping them motivated and interested in the game and forum community in any way possible. Hopefully I can get involved in some discussions here and learn something new! I’m always eager to learn, and after my team lead attended the SPRINT conference, I’m pretty sure this is the place to do so :slight_smile:

Pleasure to meet you all!

(Nick Emmett) #259

Hey @Jimothylol, great to see you in here and welcome. There’s quite a few other people from the gaming in and around the members here

Great to see that you’re heavily focused on retention - there’s a really timely post touching on this at the minute that would be great to hear from you on, you can find it here.

Definitely jump in to discussions and feel free to start your own, don’t worry where it’s pitched at, there’s all sorts of levels of experience and knowledge here.

Maybe next year you’ll get to come to SPRINT yourself, it’s a great event.

Getting people to make that first post
Getting people to make that first post
(Patrick Curtis) #260

Hey Everyone! So I am the founder and Chief Monkey (yes, official title) of an online community focused on careers in finance. We are 10 years old, get over 1 million visits/month (~4m pageviews) and it’s been a wild ride…

2015 was a big year. We migrated from Drupal 6 to 7, brought on a UX designer to help our user experience and just overall aesthetic, launched some new products, etc…

Right now, I feel like I’m trying to tackle a beast. While we have been very successful developing products & services for our community and selling them, 99% of our content is from the free community forums. Over 10 years, we have built up over 200,000 discussion threads…after doing some research the past few months, I realized that even though we’ve been growing…ever since 2012, that TRAFFIC growth has been pretty weak compared to pre-2012.

At first I thought it was a natural maturation stage for a large online community, but the more I started diving into the data and researching SEO crap, I realized that what has most likely been holding us back the last ~4 years has been Google’s increased focus (Panda) on quailty…and how a high volume of THIN content (ie few comments, not many characters) is not just ignored by Google anymore, but can actually hurt the overall rankings for a site.

Now, as you can imagine, it’s virtually impossible to do a content audit manually across 200,000 nodes. That being said, there are some tools we’re experimenting with (Botify, Screaming Frog), that has already given us more insight than Moz ever did and has allowed us to attack some of our issues.

Of course, I still feel like I’m flying somewhat blind, but I think that is the nature of SEO in some sense. It’s pretty clear that if we were able to do a major “merge & purge” to the low quality / thin content, we may see a dramatic improvement in our organic search traffic (Which still accounts for ~80% of our traffic!)

…if anyone has been through some sort of massive audit or “merge & purge” like this and has any words of wisdom, I would be happy to hear them!

Thanks and I look forward to being a part of this community and offering any insight I can!

Talk soon,

Dealing with Thin Content
(Nick Emmett) #261

Hey @Patrick_Curtis, great to see you here and thanks for posting and introducing yourself! Loving the title of Chief Monkey - I wonder how many of those there are on LinkedIn!

The concept of thin content and the way Google handles it is a good one and I suspect probably worthy of it’s own thread here - I’ll break it out in to a new one if that’s ok, It’d be great to get more from you and lets see if anyone else has tried to address the problem and how it went.

(Patrick Curtis) #262

Thanks Nick…I’m happy to dive into MUCH more detail in that thread to highlight what we’ve done so far and where we’re headed in case it could help anyone else :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #263

Hey @Jimothylol – welcome! Glad you found us. As Nick mentioned, we’ve been recently discussing retention and I’d really value your input in this thread. I find myself torn between focussing on growth and retention and am really interested in how other people handle it.

Welcome also to @Patrick_Curtis :slight_smile: I’ll jump into your other thread shortly. It’s a subject that I’m also really interested in. I’m trying to get my head around some SEO stuff at the moment and it’s a minefield.

I’d also love to hear from both of you in some of the Small Talk topics so we can get to know you outside of community stuff. :slight_smile:

(Rick Harris) #264

Hi, I’m Rick

Currently i’m working on Payolee. It’s a recurring payments and subscription billing payment system.
It allows website owners to accept one-time payments and recurring payments. with no coding required.
I’ve been working day and night and i’m very happy with the progress that we are making. If anyone wants
to check it out.

(Sarah Hawk) #265

Hi @Rick_Harris – welcome. Is there a community aspect to your product?

(Emma Silk) #266

Hi I’m Emma and I co-manage a community of about 500,000 people! My biggest challenge at the moment is getting members to reply to messages/ enquiries from other members. Currently, if someone send a message on the platform, there is only about a 50% chance that they will get a response. Any advice on how we can change this?

(Nick Emmett) #267

Hey @silky21, welcome to Feverbee Experts and great to hear from you?

Wow, that’s a big number - how many Community Managers do you have?

Do you have any stats around what sort of percentage of your members are active on a monthly basis?
How established is your Community?

There’s been quite a bit of discussion about this recently here and the SPRINT London workshop this year focused quite a bit on getting your members to engage. What do you think is stopping people replying and engaging currently?
Do you have a group of core members who you can rely on to reply, perhaps working with that group could help. It sounds as though you need to introduce a new Social Norm within your community that is replying to other peoples’ posts. The more people see others replying the more likely they are to want to follow suit so as not to be left out.
Do you keep some form of database on your members that can help you pull them in to conversations? I have one with my active members in and I use it to @mention people that I think can have relevant input to the post. (Hat Tip to @HAWK for the idea!) This thread talks about similar themes.

Maybe starting a new thread about your challenge specifically could bring in some good debate about engagement.

(Emma Silk) #268

Hi @Nick_Emmett thank you for your reply! Currently, I am one of 3 community managers.The community is very well established so I am not sure what is stopping some people from engaging! I will speak with the other community managers to see what we can do with your suggestions. When we have some ideas, we will consider adding a new thread on this topic.

(Sarah Hawk) #269

Please do. :slight_smile: I have some questions and ideas that I’d be happy to share too.

(Kath Reuben) #270

Thanks for your feedback here @Nick_Emmett, we’ve decided to put the Live Support chat decision on-hold for now. But unfortunately, against my judgement the business is focused on establishing a support portal first and then building a community around (and from) that. The support portal is gated and you’ll need to be a validated user to access the information / ‘community’ (i would argue that we won’t have the support or connection between members to constitute a community but that’s what it’s being called). My question then is: do you think this will work? Or is any resemblance of a community destined to fail given we’ve not followed through on some of the basic tenets of building a community: asking our customers what they want; starting small; building the platform before the community? I’d appreciate any feedback as its hard not to feel demotivated.

(Sarah Hawk) #271

It will potentially work as literally a support community. People will be motivated to join if they need help. Once they get help, they’ll need to be motivated in some other way to stay. @tashinacombs will have valuable advice to share on this, no doubt.