So, what are you working on?

(Sang Nguyen) #232


I’m working for, a car community in Vietnam. We are doing car reviews, comparisons and car buying consultants. I’m the CEO cum UX Designer of this website. We are on the way to transform our model from traditional forum to crowdsourcing platform. Any ideas or experiences will be a great help for us, especially when they are about crowdsourcing.

(Sarah Hawk) #233

Hey @Sang_Nguyen, great to have you on board.

What specifically is it that you are trying to crowdsource?

(Sang Nguyen) #234

Just similar Tripadvisor, a crowdsource with lots of reviews about accommodations, attractions… We are trying to build a crowdsource with reviews about cars, car parts and accessories, dealers… I mean everything about cars.

(Nick Emmett) #235

Hi @Sang_Nguyen and welcome!
What’s driving the change in platform for you? It sounds like you guys are planning a fairly large addition to what you currently do, is it driven by something you guys want to do or is it a direction the Community members are asking for?

Side note: there seems to be lots of migrating going on across our community here.
Side Note 2: Is Vietnam the furthest afield member?

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I suspect that Google is bring the migrators to us.

[quote=“Nick_Emmett, post:235, topic:1328”]
Side Note 2: Is Vietnam the furthest afield member?
[/quote] Nope, that would be me! I’m ~11.5k miles from the UK and Vietnam is ~6k.

Where in the world are you?
(Sarah Hawk) #237

I think it would be helpful if you created a new topic here with the details that you mention above and we can talk through some strategies. It will get lost in the noise in this thread. :slightly_smiling:

(Chris Detzel) #238

Hi, My name is Chris and I have currently started at a company that caters to electricians. I live in Dallas, Texas and my role is a Global Community Manager. We have close to 30k employees and a big part of my role is building relationships with internal employees that talk electricians or have expertise in the electrician field. Since I’m only a week at the job, I have a lot of people to find and relationships to build. I have a lot of the names of people, that I am reaching out to now. We would like to start pushing electricians to our new community site to start talking to each other and let them know our company have experts there to help them. The community site is there and ready to go. My ask is this:

  1. How do start to get the electrician to your site?
  2. How do you get employees to evangelize your community to the customers they see each and every day? I have access to each countries marketing departments and we could do email blasts. What are the most effective ways to get this done?
  3. What are some strategies and activities for the first few months that I should work on to get as many people signed up to the site as possible?

Any guidance would be appreciated!

(Sarah Hawk) #239

Hi @Chris_Detzel - glad you found us.
I’ve started a new discussion for your questions so that they don’t get swallowed up in this large thread.

(Megan Hailey Stanfill) #240

I’m newer to the growing Commercial team at Higher Logic. Community is new to me; so I’m learning as much as I can!

(Sarah Hawk) #241

Hi @mhailey - welcome. How does community relate to the role that you do? Are there specific things that you need to up-skill in quickly?

(Dr. Michael Sutton) #242

@Todd_Nilson, you are absolutely correct.

Very often, especially with poor UX and gamification mechanics design, the use of gaming elements can be a disaster. However, badging, which I see is used in FeverBee, helps. Plus a leader-board suggesting signficant contributions, usually with the rating method ***** is helpful without being gimmicky.

I will post some interesting links in the future. But for the time being, you may wish to access some of my material at:

(Todd Nilson) #243

Hi @michaeljdsutton - this is a great resource. Thanks for sharing it and I’ll look forward to seeing more from you soon.

(Nick Emmett) #244

Thanks for sharing @michaeljdsutton, some really interesting content there, an interesting voice to hear here for sure, both from a gamification perspective but also from a learning and LMS perspective, which is my background. @Mike_Collins and @Rob_Keery you may be interested in some of Michael’s concepts.

(Pauline Wilson) #245


I am from North East Victoria in Australia.

I am just about to start a major project which involves building an online community of practice with the main aim being to develop and build e-learning practice amongst Adult Community Education providers in our region.

I came across FeverBee many years ago and hadn’t been back for ages. So I was quite surprised at the changes and growth in the community. I look forward to exploring and participating in this community as part of our project.

(Sarah Hawk) #246

Welcome @paulinemareewilson – I’m just across the Tasman in Auckland.

We have a number of members working in the education sector. @Sarah_Whiting @ariendeklerk @brightsteph @udacimiriam @abbeykelsey

Are you up against any particular challenges?

We’ve been busy! Glad you came back. :slight_smile:

(Pauline Wilson) #247

Thanks for the welcome @HAWK. As I have just started this project I am not sure of the particular challenges it will bring. However from other experiences in online communities engagement is always the issue and particularly sustaining engagement. So I will be looking to the wisdom of the community to get some ideas.
I have lots of reading to do already. There is a vast amount of resources available. I have a copy of Digital Habitats by Etienne Wenger, Nancy White and John D. Smith which I plan to finally read. I have had it for some time. Also I plan to purchase Buzzing Communities of which I have a sample. So lots of work to do before the project actually begins.

(Sarah Hawk) #248

Best of luck. Keep us up to date with your journey. We get a lot of new members that sign up and post once (in this thread) and then disappear and we are left wondering how their story ends. We’re working to break that cycle.

(Nick Emmett) #249

Welcome back @paulinemareewilson, it’s great to see you came back - what was it that brought you here this time? Remembered how awesome the community was? :wink:

We’ve recently had Feverbee’s SPRINT London event over here, which was heavily focussed on how to use psychology to increase engagement in our communities - this thread may help with the links to the slides, but also keep your eyes peeled for the videos at some point too (hopefully!) [quote=“HAWK, post:248, topic:1328”]
Keep us up to date with your journey
Please do this - it’s great to hear how things play out for people that come here seeking advice. And remember to come back if you have any other questions ro just want to sound something out!

(Pauline Wilson) #250

Actually @Nick_Emmett that is exactly why I came back. I am not sure I actually joined the community last time but gained some valuable insights from information gleaned here. So much so that I remembered the name Feverbee some 5 or 6 years later.
Thanks for the links. I have had a quick look at one of the slide decks so far and I know they will be really useful.

(Nick Emmett) #251

Thats awesome @paulinemareewilson, glad you remembered and glad the slides are going to be useful for you. Let us know how you get on.