So, what are you working on?

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Hey @Kath_Reuben, I’d agree with @HAWK here, in that don’t look to do something that your community aren’t interested in, definitely put the ask out there. Having said that, it’s all well and good “broadcasting” all that information to help and support your customers, but from a business perspective, building your community, letting your customers engage with each other and yourselves, eventually leading to (hopefully) customers solving customers questions and issues is a great perspective to reduce the volume of cases your support team are logging. Our community is support/success based and we have so many customers now helping each other out on their - definitely something you should consider.

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Hey I’m Nicola Band… A Collaboration Practitioner with Sei-Mani learn about us here and I’m currently working with Astrazeneca on adoption and engagement of Salesforce Chatter across 80k+ employees spread for and wide across the globe.

I previously spent 4 years implementing and embedding Chatter at Sky UK, where I had community of 30K employees and partners.

Challenges currently in my half full glass are…

How to handle data paranoia in a highly regulated world - The Cloud is scary etc etc etc … Reassurances here are tough!

How to best provide a truly multi language org… click to translate within the thread is my ideal…

And the age old measuring ROI…

Looking forward to getting to know folks in here and sharing ideas and challenges!

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Hi Nicola, welcome! Sounds like an interesting project!

The data paranoia is a challenge. Are people afraid to talk about things for fear of their data being hacked, or because they are sensitive about others in the organisation finding out what they are saying?

@Jeffrey_Otterspoor works in a highly diverse multi-lingual community. He may have some insights for you on that side of things.

We have an ROI cheatsheet in our Resources section that might be helpful, depending on how far down the track you are. If you want to brainstorm this, feel free to start a new topic.

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Hey there everyone! My name is Joshua Rosenfeld, and I am a community moderator on the Stonehearth Discourse. First, I want to thank @erlend_sh for the suggestion to come and visit FeverBee, and @HAWK for the warm and personal welcome.

So, what am I working on. Well, some background is necessary, I would guess.

First, about me: unlike most people here, I am not a community manager. My “full time job”, you could say, is being a student at a university studying Computer Science, with a focus on Education. In the past, I have worked in multiple customer service/tech support part-time jobs and volunteer opportunities, including a computer/IT Help Desk, a hospital based IT department, an elementary school, and a community theater.

Next, the community I am a part of. Stonehearth is a game being developed by indie video game developers Radiant. Two twin brothers who were working in Silicon Valley decided they wanted to make a game, so they quit their jobs and got to work back in 2013. After getting a basic prototype developed, they put their game on Kickstarter hoping to get $120,000 to finish development. I think it’s safe to say they were quite surprised when they reached their goal in 3 days, and ended up getting over $750,000 in funding. Soon after their successful funding, they launched an online community (on the Curse network, I believe). Eventually, they decided to make the transition to Discourse, and for a while the two forums ran side by side. At that time, the devs were pretty active on the forums (there were 3 by this point), and they had 2 volunteers from the community working as mods. Sometime back in 2014 the non-Discourse forums were shut down, and the content transferred.

Fast forward to October 2015…the game is in Alpha, with 10 major releases to date, the dev team had grown to 6, and the moderator team was at 4. I joined the community after finding the game and falling in love, and quickly started doing my best to help out where I could. About a month later, I was contacted by a moderator to ask if I wanted to join the team.

So, what has been going on since then. One important note is that all of the moderators are volunteers. We help manage the community because we love the game and want to give back in some way. All the admins (except one) are the game developers. The remaining admin is part of the game studio, and is their community manager. The moderator team has a great deal of autonomy, and generally manages the day to day on the forums. We help serve two roles. One is forum management. Dealing with things like flags and spam, welcoming new users, and the occasional time we step in to remind people about the forum rules. The other hat we wear (fortunately much more than the former) is essentially level one support. The busiest section of the forum is the Support categories, and we handle new reports, resolve them when we can, and tag them and ping the right developer when we can’t.

Since I joined the team, I have helped push through a few larger changes that I felt would help the community. We’re just a little bit bigger than FeverBee (6,200 users vs 950, 215,000 posts vs 8,000). I worked with the moderator team (and the community manager) to rework a few systems that were in place, in an effort to make things easier for everyone. Additionally, while we are hosted by Discourse, and the community manager deals with the major stuff having to do with the site, I have fallen into the role of the liaison between the mod team and users and the Discourse team, reporting bugs and issues we run into, and keeping the team apprised of new features or changes we should be aware of.

Well, enough about what I am working on, thanks again for having me here, I look forward to getting know folks here (I recognize many of you from Meta and learning from everyone!

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Hi! I’m currently working on moving my community from a content management platform where we’ve been for six years to our own site. Trying not to damage traffic and SEO in the process! Also looking for methods to build user engagement. I’m looking forward to having a good look around here too!

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You’re welcome @jomaxro – great to have you on board.

Hi @James_Higginson, and welcome. We made a similar move earlier this year and we didn’t quite crack the SEO side of things. We were told there would be a dip (which there was) from which we would recover (which we didn’t quite as much as we’d hoped). I’d recommend taking good advice on that before making the move (assuming you’re not an SEO pro yourself, in which case we could definitely use your advice!!).

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SEO collapse resulting from a platform migration
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On main community

  • New design (going well but slower than I would like)
  • User engagement initiatives
    Welcome series of onboarding emails
    FB, AdWords and Outbrain visitor retargeting
  • Film crews and photo reportage covering trade shows / events - uploaded onto YouTube (we need more journalist / content writers)
  • integrating new ad sales person & marketing consultants ideas for ad sales.

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Greetings from Portugal!

My name is Vera and I have just started working on a partner enablement program and on revamping OutSystems’ strategy for engagement within our online community. I’m a community manager myself, and we are planning to have various community managers across the company.

Right now, I’m working on putting together a few statistics, so that we can define the current situation and plan where do we want to be :slight_smile:


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Hi @Vera_Tiago and welcome to the FeverBee community. You’ll find some great resources here as you built out your engagement strategy and harmonize online community with the rest of your community efforts. Don’t hesitate to reach out with specific questions as they come up.

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Hi I work for a commerce technology company which has changed its strategy to be a ‘partner’ centric organization meaning we are working with partners on selling and project implementation. This requires a lot of onboarding, educations, consulting, etc. in helping our partners get up to speed on our product, best practices, etc, all which is straining our current approach in the education team. Consequently, we want to develop a community in order to reach a larger portion of our audience with our education efforts, and enable community members to help each other etc. We are just at the initial phase of rolling this out and are using Drupal Commons as our community platform. Does anyone have any tips/advice on using this platform?
We want to take a phased approach in providing different methods of communicating in our community and so our initial phase/roll out will include a forum/discussion (seeded with relevant content from our previous forum), our product documentation, and events announcements (for our online webinar and laboratory participation). One of my biggest concerns with this initial roll-out is engagement in the forum and moderation.

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Welcome @ademeester

@Alan_Tabor knows Drupal – he may have some insight for you.

[quote=“ademeester, post:222, topic:1328”]
One of my biggest concerns with this initial roll-out is engagement in the forum and moderation.
[/quote] Engagement is about making sure you focus on what motivates people. What’s in it for them if they contribute?

What are your concerns around moderation?

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:wave: Hi everyone! Long-time lurker, new member here.

I run the content and product teams at SitePoint, which includes our forums. If that name sounds familiar, it might be because Feverbee’s own @HAWK was our fearless community leader for many many years.

Our biggest project at the moment is bringing all the different parts of SitePoint together — forums, articles, books, our Premium platform, newsletters, etc, and working out what community means in that context. Our community lives in our open Slack group, on the forums, in article comments, on social media, via email, and in a million other places. I read the earlier discussion on Slack and Discourse with interest, as it’s one of the challenges we have ahead.

So yeah — lots to do, lots to learn, and I’m happy I’ve finally joined up!

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I have no experience with Salesforce’s chatter, but they do seem to have their own customer community where you could share experiences as well. Worth a shot.

Maybe you can make region specific groups and feeds instead of forcing multi-language messages to the community with a click to translate button. Personally I never bothered to actually use such a feature (for example on Facebook).

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Thanks Jeffrey, I’m fairly active in the SFDC Success Community, have been exploring this one for a while…
I have country/region specific groups etc but this need is more about single discipline groups e.g Oncology… we see fab interaction between scientists globally and whilst the universal language in my org ( and company) is English I do still see threads in Chinese and Swedish for example which I want widespread users to be able to engage with…
I’m sure I will get there in the end!

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You’re a FeverBeeliever at last! (I have to give the credit for that term to Rich).

[quote=“Ophelie, post:224, topic:1328”]
I read the earlier discussion on Slack and Discourse with interest, as it’s one of the challenges we have ahead.
[/quote] I’d love to hear your thoughts on that at some point. Have you been trialling it for long?

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HI there! My name is Bonnie and I am working on building a community from scratch for a new well-funded video tech app. I was previously at the wonderful TaskRabbit and helped launch the brand in the UK with 2 others. I’ve joined Feverbee after reading a few snippets from Buzzing Communities and thought this would be an excellent place to seek advice and chat to others doing a similar thing. I live and breath people, psychology and kindness and these things are my motivating factors. Good to meet you all!

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Hey @missbonnie – welcome. :slightly_smiling:
What stage of the process are you at? Any particular challenges so far?

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