So, what are you working on?

(Sarah Hawk) #185

Cool. If you want to troubleshoot or brainstorm anything specific, feel free to begin a new thread. Out of interest, do you have a background in digital marketing?

(Suzi Nelson) #186

I do! My background is in marketing, commerce, and copywriting - and DigitalMarketer teaches the latest strategies, so its like drinking out of a firehose. I kind of fell into community management when I was hired here a year ago and fell in love with it.

(Sarah Hawk) #187

Great! I’ve been exploring the cross-over between marketing and community lately. I imagine we have lots to learn from you.

(Suzi Nelson) #188

It’s something I hope to explore in more detail this year! We are struggling with applicable KPIs (especially with our Facebook groups) in regards to our goals. It’s hard to get hard numbers of retention rates when Facebook’s APIs block a lot of the info we would like. But we’re working on it :slightly_smiling:

(Suzi Nelson) #189

I honestly don’t want to be all promote-y, but I wanted to drop this link here - it’s the system we use to funnel leads and customers into our products, and then onboard them to the communities via email followup. It might be helpful ->

We don’t have an accurate way to track our conversions from product purchase to group, but we’re working on a solution. Only 20% -ish of the 8,000 people in our biggest group are engaged - is that normal levels (I should probably create a new thread for that…)

I’m kind of alone on my community management island. :wink:

(Sarah Hawk) #190

Very helpful – it’s something that we could use advice on, we’ve been thinking on it a lot lately. Thanks.

[quote=“Suzi_Nelson, post:189, topic:1328”]
(I should probably create a new thread for that…)
[/quote] For sure - do it! :slightly_smiling:

(Jeanne Roeland) #191

Hi everybody,

I was introduced by Charlotte to Feverbee. I’m managing a (hidden) Dutch Concussion group on Facebook and we are reaching almost 240 members. I feel that I can’t manage this whole group on my own anymore, and Charlotte already told me that after 250 members, the group conditions. So I’m trying to learn more about community management here.

I will read other posts here too, to get acquainted here!



(Daniel Dow) #192

Hi Sarah,

Attended Feverbee conference in SF this past year. 9 months into a new learning / community of practice. Very niche community. WP / BP site. Working on a Phase II design to help increase member engagement, member retention etc. This will be core to our growth strategy this coming year. One challenge is figuring out our personas and the member experience journey. Also working on a new on-boarding strategy, registration conversion strategies, and as i mentioned increased member engagement (complete profiles, more friend / follow per member connections, stronger group and forum engagement), and the sharing of expertise and knowledge.

Love any suggestions or resource leads.


(Sarah Hawk) #193

Welcome @Jeanne_Roeland – great to have you on board. When you’ve had a chance to digest some information, feel free to let us know what you’re currently finding the most challenging and we’ll help you troubleshoot. :slightly_smiling:

[quote=“ddow, post:192, topic:1328”]
WP / BP site.
[/quote] Hey Daniel. :slightly_smiling: How are you finding BuddyPress?

[quote=“ddow, post:192, topic:1328”]
One challenge is figuring out our personas and the member experience journey.
[/quote] I’m currently working through this same process for another community that I manage. Feel free to start a new topic if you want to get more granular.

We chatted about on-boarding a few months back and member conversion more recently. Feel free to resurrect either thread (or start new ones).

(Daniel Dow) #194

Buddy Press is okay. Part of our challenge is a complex theme that isn’t being kept current. We’re in the process of considering another theme that integrates with BP. Hoping to leverage some of BP’s newer features. For Forums however we are considering Discourse which is what I think you are running. Any PRO / CONs to consider about discourse?

(Sarah Hawk) #195

We are and we love it.

The main pros as I see them are the flexibility, extensibility and clean UI.
The biggest con is that the UI takes a bit of getting used to if you’ve never used a modern forum interface before (but that will become less of an issue as more of the platforms move in this direction).

More here, here and here

(Richard Millington) #196

a couple from our experience (and it depends what you’re comparing it to).

  • Limited backward integration - which is a challenge on a lot of web browsers in big organisations worried about security.
  • Not the same testing/support as an enterprise platform (it’s mostly free - after all).
  • Not as many developers with a deep level of expertise on it yet.
  • Not gaurantee it will be a long-term solution.

Having said there, as an open-source platform, it’s by far my favourite yet.

(Kath Reuben) #197

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the warm welcome, it’s great to have stumbled across this forum as networking and finding like minded individuals who can share their learnings with me is top of my agenda. If anyone is in London, I’d welcome a coffee face to face!

I am a Community Manager for a SAAS business, serving customers of the global hospitality industry’s operations (B2B).

Whilst I have extensive industry operator experience, this is my first role as a Community Manager, and although we have had a Community platform for the last 2 years (it hasn’t embedded successfully) and thus, suffers both an image problem and value recognition.
A defined Community & Community Manager also represent a new direction for the business.

So my focus is on creating the Community Strategy for revamping and relaunching the Customer Community - the primary goals are: Knowledge Share/Ideas; Customer Service Support & Engagement.

Our community platform was established two years ago but hasn’t embedded successfully into the business or with our customers because:

  • no clear journey for who and how the community should be accessed by members (there are different levels)
  • no established internal processes to support the workflow ie: customers are raising ideas within the portal but there is no ‘next step’ process to a) acknowledge ideas b) share with product management
  • no team or individual owning the Community
  • no clear communication internally or externally to define & launch the Community
  • no perceived value of community

(christopher w) #198

Greetings everybody.

I’m new in today and joined because I’ve enjoyed following discussions here over the past couple of months. And thanks to the FeverBee team for allowing folks like me to sign up.

I am an independent consultant working in and around technology - including several years in investment banking (boo, but I was one of the good guys, promise!), plus more recently focusing on film and television. You can check me out on LinkedIn if interested - see my FeverBee profile for the link.

I’ve been through a 6 month evaluation of Discourse and other ‘new age’ forums, notably NodeBB. Discourse finally got my vote because of the rich topic threading tools - specifically the ability to start a new thread from an existing conversation, and the topic summary card which shows contributors and links. It was a close run thing though, and in many other respects, NodeBB came out on top.

I’m close to releasing my first community (although not strictly true, as I ran a Community Server forum some years ago) which is aimed at the Film & Television community. I am also working on a personal community project focused on health and wellbeing - in particular providing help to the desperate who, increasingly these days, have fewer and fewer options available to them.

That’s it from me.

Hi to everybody,


London and thereabouts.

(Sarah Hawk) #199

Hey Kath,
You’re welcome!

That sounds like an interesting challenge, but you seem to have your head around the main issues, which is the first step! @tashinacombs and @catykobe are knowledgeable in the area of support communities, so will no doubt have some great advice. Also, @Jenn_Johnson does community project management so might be able to guide you as to your approach.

Do you have good support from your organisation?

(Sarah Hawk) #200

Hi Chris, welcome on board. :slightly_smiling:

Investment banking to film and TV is an interesting transition! We get quite a few people interested in the differences between Discourse and NodeBB so I might pick your brains on occasion. As you can no doubt see, we’re big Discourse fans.

Have you hit any challenges so far in either of your community projects?

The visual experience of Discourse
(Kath Reuben) #201

Thanks Sarah -
Organizational support for the Community is mixed; in part bc the initial platform fell short of expectations but also bc there has been a lack of clarity around purpose & value. I’ve spoken with key stakeholders to understand their definition of, and objectives for, the Community, and I’m confident that we can align these with purpose and value and ROI and thus, garner stronger support for the Community.

What I’m struggling with is the focus of the business for it to be a Support-led community which feels very one dimensional. As in: we are pushing out information but not creating a place for dialogue and engagement, which is more my driving focus.

I’ll reach out to those you’ve mentioned for some tips.

(Sarah Hawk) #202

Have you established a requirement from your audience for this type of activity, or is it something that you’d personally like to see?

(Kath Reuben) #203

In the original platform we didn’t create a requirement or a place for dialogue (and the conversation is probably more of interest to me personally). We literally have a library where you can access a tonne of ‘Help Guides’, view Product Release Notes, and log a functionality suggestion/idea but there’s no feedback on this last part and nowhere for people to have any kind of discussion about any of the above.

Any suggestions on how best to ‘establish a requirement’ for this type of activity? - do I streamline all actions to smart search before enabling posting on a forum?

(Sarah Hawk) #204

I think it would probably make sense to research your audience to find out whether this is functionality that they want and would use. It wouldn’t make sense to invest in technological changes for something that no will actually use.

It sounds like it would likely make sense, given that people submit suggestions (which for all they know then go nowhere), but research is always a prudent move.