So, what are you working on?

Thanks Nick - that’s great advice. What sort of expertise is required for customization? Would I need SalesForce consultants or maybe in-house IT experts?


I think it depends on what level and how deep you want your customisation to be - strictly speaking you could likely build a community based on the out of the box templates without any. If you do need to customization anything then you would need people that are able to build what you want, which likely need the ability to create a Lightning component (a salesforce thing) and be able write the necessary code to do that. The main custom work I’ve had done relates mainly to the search indexing platform that we use, I need them to do some custom work for me - everything else I pretty much did myself with the templates.

Working on transitioning off our longtime Ning site, and ideally creating it in a way that I can combine public/private content, into one site. Looking for great reviews on latest awesome platforms and how much their makers are trusted to stay up to date…


Aside from requiring private spaces, do you have other specific needs?
What would be your primary feature list?
And budget-wise, are you considering enterprise level, or more reasonably priced SaaS options?

This might be a useful starting point for you.

Hey all, it’s great to be here amongst so much knowledge and expertise. I’m currently working on trying to build a community for a small customer experience consultancy who are in the middle of pivoting their business. They need a much clearer understanding of who their customers are, what they want, and how to engage with them.

I’ve greatly enjoyed and benefited from much of the content that Feverbee have generously given away over the last few years. So much so that I felt compelled to sign up for the SCM course to give something back! So really looking forward to learning some good tips for being more strategic and focusing on what actually works, rather than what I like doing…



Great to hear from you Tony. Thanks for your kind words!

You might find @jesswlms’s post on using personas in community useful.


**Update:**Hi, @HAWK and everyone!

I started building a community thinking I would market my services to those within the community as I grew the numbers. I’m reversing my initial concept in that I’m now marketing my services, and using the community as a “net” to catch those who are not ready to buy my services. This helps me focus on dollars that I need in order to have a business, while still building the Community and interacting with other enterprisers (something I enjoy and learn from). There are some other advantages, too. such as separating me from my potential customers just a tad. If members feel like I’m just a guy working my business just like they are (and I am), then it seems it may be more difficult for them to BUY something from me. People seem to want someone to look up to, not look over at, when it comes to the decision to make a purchase. A few exceptions, of course.

Anyhow, my update (^) actually leads me to my question.

What are your thoughts on LIMITING communities in size? Or, trimming back on those who aren’t actively participating?

I’m not liking the idea of giving the boot to those who don’t participate, but I’m curious if others have done this and how it worked out.

Some context: I’ve followed FeverBee’s suggestion to start slow. I really had no choice looking at both my budget and my contact list, but I’m also not doing contests and other things to grow my community on Facebook. We’re around 70 members. Communications seem to come in waves from week to week, and when it’s there, it seems to be quality communication (a business community, quality meaning, people are asking questions, answering, providing resources; not simply there to self-promote. That’s a win in a Facebook Community).

In interacting in other Facebook groups, I’m finding I’m really liking the groups of 50 to 500 as far as communication goes. It’s more like hanging out at Cheers (Norm!) rather than Costco.

Anyhow, I’m playing with the idea of keeping a more exclusive group rather than “just another Facebook group” by keeping things small, looking for those who interact. However, I realize some people may be voyeurs for months (or longer) before getting involved.

Any thoughts on this?

Awesome, many thanks for directing me to to this post Hawk - this is just where I’m at right now :slight_smile:

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Hi all!

I’m building a community for a nonprofit called Best Friends Animal Society. They have an existing pool of 1700+ network partners which are the folks we are creating the community for as a way for them to connect with us at Best Friends and to connect with each other. We will be housing lots of curated content, but want to facilitate connections quickly to help each other reach similar goals in this animal advocacy sector.

I need to have something tangible launched by July of 2017, so in the process of learning about the partners we’ll be serving and trying to narrow down tools that will meet the needs are two big focuses at the moment. Any folks with tool suggestions that are great fits for the nonprofit sector would be awesome!

I’m also looking for a content specialist/writer, who will also likely play a deep role is helping in the community and I’m combing the interweb to find good places to post the position for others to find who might have these skills and also LOVE animals.

I’m grateful for places like this where community professionals can share advice so thank you!

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Hi @Aimee_Turner_Charlto and welcome!

Thanks for joining us and sharing what you’re working on.

Is there anything specific you need from the tool that would be unique to your sector among non-profits? I think that would help narrow things down.

Welcome. :slight_smile:

@rebeccabraglio has extensive experience working with animal/pet communities. She would be a great contact for you.

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Hi everyone

My name is Adrian, and I’m from Brighton, in the UK.

Right now I work for the Institute of Development Studies, a research institute working to eliminate global poverty and social injustice. I support a range of projects here in which key academics, policymakers and practitioners need to get together to find solutions to complex problems.

There is a growing interest in the sector in so-called ‘Communities of Practice’ however this is not commonly matched by the resourcing for ongoing spaces or platforms.

So the majority of the work I do is in convening ‘pop-up’ spaces in which a specific group of highly targeted individuals are gathered in dedicated online spaces for fixed periods of time. This is often for a matter of just a few days.

From the experience of 50+ such ‘discussion events’ I’ve learned a good deal about how to define and achieve success, and have shared various posts on this, including:

As a guest editor for the upcoming Knowledge Management for Development journal ( edition on Communities of Practice I’m hoping to help raise awareness of why and how online interactive spaces can play a role in achieving global development goals. I may also submit an article relating to recent personal learning. Anyone interested in co-authoring?!

I recently closed an umbrella platform providing free-at-point-of-use personal and group spaces for professionals in the sector. After 10 years of existence the platform ran out of steam - and no new funding could be found. Now I blog there about how we approach the discussion events we run, how we’ve tried to use tech to augment and enhance user experiences, and other work we’ve done to increase access to online communities. - see:

In this space I’m interested in sharing and learning with others in relation to understanding and measuring ‘success’. Perhaps folk here have interesting things to say about quantitative and qualitative participation metrics and analysis, or about storytelling to external stakeholders about success in ways that resonate with them.

Looking forward to meeting and learning from others


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Hey @adrianbannister, welcome to Feverbee Experts, it’s great to hear from you. Sounds like you’ve been doing some great work there, what drives the work that you do internally? And what sort of value do your Communities offer your customers/members?

This intterests me - on both counts - why do think there is growing interest, and what’s happening about it? Why do you think it’s not being matched in the number of communities and platforms coming in?

Hi everyone,
I do daily community management for MapR Converge Community. It is an external community, roughly composed of 6,000 members. The community was launched less than a year. I just recently join the company and aim to grow the community engagement and start an advocate program.

MapR Converge Community is targeting big data professionals, partners who used MapR tools and students who are interested in big data management field. It is built on the Jive Cloud platform. We currently utilize different spaces for topics that interest different groups of audience.

Challenges are definitely building MapR advocates and using the community beyond product issue report tool.

Any suggestions are definitely welcome.


This is fascinating! What platform do you use?[quote=“adrianbannister, post:341, topic:1328”]
Perhaps folk here have interesting things to say about quantitative and qualitative participation metrics and analysis, or about storytelling to external stakeholders about success in ways that resonate with them.

Here are a couple of discussions and articles:

Hi Cathy – welcome. 6k members in one year is impressive!

We’re working on a big content piece around advocacy programs which should help you out here – keep an eye out for that in the coming months.

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Thanks, Sarah! Look forward to read the content on advocacy programs.