So, what are you working on?

Hello FeverBee community,

I have recently taken on the Community Manager role for a not-for-profit launching an community for investors and philanthropists. It is a new role and experience for me and I am looking to connect and learn from others in this space as I am really interested in growing successful communities.

We have got some great support from others in this space to help us develop and test our on boarding process. We have just over 150 members invited and starting to think more strategically about content creation and our role in facilitating conversations. I am sure to send more specific asks to the community, but that’s an overview for now.

Open to connecting with anyone who would like to share tips and nuggets of knowledge :slight_smile:

Sara Sophie

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Hey @SaraSophieOst – welcome! Glad you’re here.

Your community sounds interesting! We have a number of members here in the NFP space, so you’re in good company.

What is your biggest challenge at the moment? How are your founding members using the community? Are you seeing the level of engagement that you’d hoped?

Thank you @HAWK I’m excited to be here and get stuck in.

Our biggest challenge at the moment is setting up automatic systems to profile our community, activity level and impact. Does anyone have any recommendations of what we want to be measuring during this first year?

We are quiet happy with engagement levels, although majority of members need continuous reminders/prompts to get them on the site/engaging. We are thinking about how we use notifications and communicating updates in the best way moving forward. If others are managing communities where time is the biggest barriers for their members, any insight and tips as to how to keep momentum going would be great.

Thanks for great questions :slight_smile:

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What are the primary business objectives of the community? What will success look like?

As a general rule the ‘I’m too busy’ line is a cover for other lacking motivational factors. This article digs into that and offers some strategies. We had a conversation along the same lines a couple of months ago, which you might find interesting.

In the very early stages, I’d pay close attention to whether the community sticks.

Do the people that join it and visit it actually participate? Do they keep returning? Are you slowly building a core group of active participants? If not, it suggests the concept might need tweaking over a period of time.


DAU/MAU (daily active users/monthly active users) is a good way to measure this.

@DiscourseMetrics explain it well here


That’s a really awesome metric to track.

Just wondering what sort of decision mechanism it would feed into though.
Hmm. Any ideas? How would we use that data?

I think of it as a good baseline metric, along with active users, to monitor general health.

It fluctuates a lot across a week (we get around ~21% on a Tue/Wed down to as low as 5% on a Sunday) so its value lies in the month on month trend.

Just to make sure I understood that correctly. We should average the DUAs over the course of the month to determine (on average) how many days per month the average active user visited the community?

This would be an interesting gage of habits right then? Checking I’ve got this right in my head.

Yup. Measuring it daily gives nothing of value – my comment about fluctuation was a bit of a red herring in that regard, but it interests me – averaging across the month gives the useful figure.

The closer you get to 1 the better (that implies that every user that month visited every day).

Hello all - thanks for the welcome note! I work on a large internal community that is focused on enabling field colleagues to drive B2B sales by providing them resources, answers, and collaboration with like-minded folks. We’ve been up and running for over a year with the community population doubling in the last few months.

I’m very much focused on sharing success stories and metrics milestones. I’d love to hear and see how others are doing this. I really want to tell the story of our community creatively on an ongoing basis to really show how members are getting value from the space. Looking forward to ‘meeting’ you all!

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Hey Kathy,
Great to hear from you. I’m going to split your question out into a topic of its own because I think it’s a good one.

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My name is Donal. I’m a marketing manager at a software company in Galway, Ireland (we make project management software).
We follow an inbound philosophy, in that we give away free content and tools, in the hope that some people who consume our collateral will become customers (a little like here I think!).
We have decided to put most of our collateral behind a login, so people only have to register once to get everything.
We are also building a separate section for our customers, where they will be able to get product training and download the same inbound collateral (just messaged differently).
We are also adding a shared forum for prospects and customers to discuss the collateral and project management in general.
My main concern at the moment is getting the join process as elegant as possible and then ensuring that the prospects have a positive experience when they login.

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Hey @Donal_McCarthy welcome to Feverbee, it’s great to hear from you.

It’s great to hear that you’re not just going to be a broadcast channel and your customers will have a place to discuss, share and network - is this live yet? What sort of value are you hoping customers will get from engaging there? I’m very big on the question of WHY - Why would people come and sign up for your community? Why are you taking the step of having a community?

Where are you on the journey with this at the minute? Perhaps you could share what you have with us and let us give you some thoughts and advice?
Have you been involved in launching Community before?
This is a great place to throw any questions you have out there, there’s no lame ducks here - plenty of knowledge and experience at all levels so don’t be afraid of throwing things out there - be curious! :slight_smile:

Hi Nick,

We are just beginning to build this. We are doing it internally on WordPress so as yet have nothing to share.

The Why is threefold:

  • Lots of people already sign up for our content and many of them sign up repeatedly for various things - we think it will be a better experience for the repeat signer uppers to login instead of having to register multiple times
  • We think we will be able to use the Resource Center to better funnel leads to our product offers (but we will be very happy to have lots of members who never become customers)
  • Our existing customer community is hosted on another domain and does not offer a great experience. We want to migrate it to our main website and make it more compelling

We have had a few communities, before but they lacked the volume to really call them communities. What we are really doing here initially is building two resource centers (prospects/customers) that we hope will organically (with our help) grow into communities, but if they don’t, we think users will still find them useful.

We are just starting to sketch the join process and I will be back with some questions in the future!


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Hey @Donal_McCarthy – your situation does indeed sound a lot like ours.

[quote=“Donal_McCarthy, post:312, topic:1328”]
We are doing it internally on WordPress so as yet have nothing to share.
[/quote] What platform do you plan to use for the community? Buddypress?

Thanks for the reply @Donal_McCarthy, this point interested me…

Where was your lack of volume? Was it in members, active members, contributions? I guess it poses the question, is there a benchmark in numbers that suggests we now have a community? I think the answer is no - a group of people that chat and congregate together at a unified place is still a company whether it’s 5 people or 500 - right? Or was it more to do with your business/organisational goals?

I’m interested in your thoughts here.

Hey there. I’m an online community manager trying to figure out an integrated approach to social and branded community. My tech company has a presence on Twitter, Facebook and sizeable community on LinkedIn. We have a sad old forum too. We need a centralised branded community to tie all of this together (social, tech support, advocacy, peer-to-peer engagement, thought leadership). You know. All the things.

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Hey there,

Have you started to dig into your needs at all yet? Any thoughts on platform?

Any challenges that we could help brainstorm?