So, what are you working on?

On main community

  • New design (going well but slower than I would like)
  • User engagement initiatives
    Welcome series of onboarding emails
    FB, AdWords and Outbrain visitor retargeting
  • Film crews and photo reportage covering trade shows / events - uploaded onto YouTube (we need more journalist / content writers)
  • integrating new ad sales person & marketing consultants ideas for ad sales.

Greetings from Portugal!

My name is Vera and I have just started working on a partner enablement program and on revamping OutSystems’ strategy for engagement within our online community. I’m a community manager myself, and we are planning to have various community managers across the company.

Right now, I’m working on putting together a few statistics, so that we can define the current situation and plan where do we want to be :slight_smile:



Hi @Vera_Tiago and welcome to the FeverBee community. You’ll find some great resources here as you built out your engagement strategy and harmonize online community with the rest of your community efforts. Don’t hesitate to reach out with specific questions as they come up.

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Hi I work for a commerce technology company which has changed its strategy to be a ‘partner’ centric organization meaning we are working with partners on selling and project implementation. This requires a lot of onboarding, educations, consulting, etc. in helping our partners get up to speed on our product, best practices, etc, all which is straining our current approach in the education team. Consequently, we want to develop a community in order to reach a larger portion of our audience with our education efforts, and enable community members to help each other etc. We are just at the initial phase of rolling this out and are using Drupal Commons as our community platform. Does anyone have any tips/advice on using this platform?
We want to take a phased approach in providing different methods of communicating in our community and so our initial phase/roll out will include a forum/discussion (seeded with relevant content from our previous forum), our product documentation, and events announcements (for our online webinar and laboratory participation). One of my biggest concerns with this initial roll-out is engagement in the forum and moderation.

Welcome @ademeester

@Alan_Tabor knows Drupal – he may have some insight for you.

[quote=“ademeester, post:222, topic:1328”]
One of my biggest concerns with this initial roll-out is engagement in the forum and moderation.
[/quote] Engagement is about making sure you focus on what motivates people. What’s in it for them if they contribute?

What are your concerns around moderation?

:wave: Hi everyone! Long-time lurker, new member here.

I run the content and product teams at SitePoint, which includes our forums. If that name sounds familiar, it might be because Feverbee’s own @HAWK was our fearless community leader for many many years.

Our biggest project at the moment is bringing all the different parts of SitePoint together — forums, articles, books, our Premium platform, newsletters, etc, and working out what community means in that context. Our community lives in our open Slack group, on the forums, in article comments, on social media, via email, and in a million other places. I read the earlier discussion on Slack and Discourse with interest, as it’s one of the challenges we have ahead.

So yeah — lots to do, lots to learn, and I’m happy I’ve finally joined up!

I have no experience with Salesforce’s chatter, but they do seem to have their own customer community where you could share experiences as well. Worth a shot.

Maybe you can make region specific groups and feeds instead of forcing multi-language messages to the community with a click to translate button. Personally I never bothered to actually use such a feature (for example on Facebook).

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Thanks Jeffrey, I’m fairly active in the SFDC Success Community, have been exploring this one for a while…
I have country/region specific groups etc but this need is more about single discipline groups e.g Oncology… we see fab interaction between scientists globally and whilst the universal language in my org ( and company) is English I do still see threads in Chinese and Swedish for example which I want widespread users to be able to engage with…
I’m sure I will get there in the end!

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You’re a FeverBeeliever at last! (I have to give the credit for that term to Rich).

[quote=“Ophelie, post:224, topic:1328”]
I read the earlier discussion on Slack and Discourse with interest, as it’s one of the challenges we have ahead.
[/quote] I’d love to hear your thoughts on that at some point. Have you been trialling it for long?

HI there! My name is Bonnie and I am working on building a community from scratch for a new well-funded video tech app. I was previously at the wonderful TaskRabbit and helped launch the brand in the UK with 2 others. I’ve joined Feverbee after reading a few snippets from Buzzing Communities and thought this would be an excellent place to seek advice and chat to others doing a similar thing. I live and breath people, psychology and kindness and these things are my motivating factors. Good to meet you all!

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Hey @missbonnie – welcome. :slightly_smiling:
What stage of the process are you at? Any particular challenges so far?

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I’m working for, a car community in Vietnam. We are doing car reviews, comparisons and car buying consultants. I’m the CEO cum UX Designer of this website. We are on the way to transform our model from traditional forum to crowdsourcing platform. Any ideas or experiences will be a great help for us, especially when they are about crowdsourcing.

Hey @Sang_Nguyen, great to have you on board.

What specifically is it that you are trying to crowdsource?

Just similar Tripadvisor, a crowdsource with lots of reviews about accommodations, attractions… We are trying to build a crowdsource with reviews about cars, car parts and accessories, dealers… I mean everything about cars.

Hi @Sang_Nguyen and welcome!
What’s driving the change in platform for you? It sounds like you guys are planning a fairly large addition to what you currently do, is it driven by something you guys want to do or is it a direction the Community members are asking for?

Side note: there seems to be lots of migrating going on across our community here.
Side Note 2: Is Vietnam the furthest afield member?

I suspect that Google is bring the migrators to us.

[quote=“Nick_Emmett, post:235, topic:1328”]
Side Note 2: Is Vietnam the furthest afield member?
[/quote] Nope, that would be me! I’m ~11.5k miles from the UK and Vietnam is ~6k.

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I think it would be helpful if you created a new topic here with the details that you mention above and we can talk through some strategies. It will get lost in the noise in this thread. :slightly_smiling:

Hi, My name is Chris and I have currently started at a company that caters to electricians. I live in Dallas, Texas and my role is a Global Community Manager. We have close to 30k employees and a big part of my role is building relationships with internal employees that talk electricians or have expertise in the electrician field. Since I’m only a week at the job, I have a lot of people to find and relationships to build. I have a lot of the names of people, that I am reaching out to now. We would like to start pushing electricians to our new community site to start talking to each other and let them know our company have experts there to help them. The community site is there and ready to go. My ask is this:

  1. How do start to get the electrician to your site?
  2. How do you get employees to evangelize your community to the customers they see each and every day? I have access to each countries marketing departments and we could do email blasts. What are the most effective ways to get this done?
  3. What are some strategies and activities for the first few months that I should work on to get as many people signed up to the site as possible?

Any guidance would be appreciated!

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Hi @Chris_Detzel - glad you found us.
I’ve started a new discussion for your questions so that they don’t get swallowed up in this large thread.

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