So, what are you working on?

Hi @tallyhee! I love the idea of your virtual community as it’s a topic that really hits home for me. We installed solar for our home (we live in the Midwestern US) and it would have been great to have access to an online community for expert advice about the process, vendors, tax incentives, solar credits–a whole host of information we had to seek out in a variety of places. User generated or curated reviews of solar products and vendors would be a huge draw. Previews of new or upcoming products would be great rather than trawling news forums for this information. Also, ideation about how to make the most of your solar investment would be welcome information. Those are just a few use cases off the top of my head that resonate with my family’s experiences.

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Hi there, :wave:

I work for Discourse, the forum you’re all using (and hopefully enjoying).

My official title is “Community Advocate”. My most commonly worn hats as of late are:

  • Customer support/sales
  • Community moderation on Meta
  • Managing our MOSS grant.

…, in other words I’m always moving around trying to facilitate feedback from worthwhile sources and distill it down to actionable tasks for the core developers to consider.


Yeah, that’s me :wink: can I steal such description?

Heh sure. Creative Commons, feel free :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi everyone!

Interesting thread to see what Community Managers are doing in different sectors all over the globe.

I am the Director of Community Management for social gaming company GamePoint. We aim to entertain a worldwide audience with real time multiplayer social games. Providing social features in our games and with extensive community support GamePoint builds on long term relationships with their users.

GamePoint’s audience loves to play a game. Only yesterday our players have spent in total a stunning 27+ million minutes in our games. On average a visit to one of our games takes a user 130 minutes. During this time a GamePoint user interacts with all the other players whilst playing their favorite game. We build games like GamePoint Bingo, GamePoint Slots, RoyalDice and WordTornado. Our players keep coming back for 30 months on average, with some extremely loyal fans that have been with us for over 15 years.

Community Management at GamePoint is divided into teams with each of them having their own tasks and roles. Our Community Management team exists out of Community Operations, Customer Care and Quality Assurance. We currently have a Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Brazilian speaking community that we’re moderating on a day to day basis with a dozen Community Operators working the late night shifts and about 60 volunteers world wide.

Our goal: making and keeping players happy and engaged worldwide with both online and offline events, top notch support, high quality assurance, a team of ambassadors and testers from our own community and transparent communication on major social networks, our own blogs, in game chat, web care, phone and open office days.

One of the many projects that we are currently working on is doing a Live Bingo session for our online users. Meaning we are building a studio in our office and our Community Managers will actually be the ones live on screen playing Bingo in 7 different languages. Our last edition was watched by over 30k users and entered Twitch’s top 10 live streams. It’s a way to give a face to the names and people behind the company they spent so much time with. The top 10 in Twitch was an achievement worth celebrating with a beer. Yeah, that’s me in the front :wink:

I will be attending the SPRINT in London. If anyone wants to meetup and share some experiences, feel free to add me on LinkedIn.


Welcome Jeffrey, thanks for taking the time to make such a detailed first post!

Do you have separate platforms for each language? I wonder if you have any advice for Olivier.

Thanks so much for the encouragement @HAWK . Yes, we can offer discounts on solar installation, so that could be an added perk. It would be a one-time thing for most, so not something that would keep people engaged on an ongoing basis.

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Thanks so much @Todd_Nilson. Great ideas, in particular ideation on how to make the most of your investment. My recent favorite is for snow on solar panels (which I imagine you see!) - bounce a tennis ball off the panels to create a pocket where sun can come through and accelerate melting.

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A bit of both. Our games are fully localized based on your language settings. Each region has it’s own “rooms” to play and chat with people that speak their language, but we’ve also incorporated international sections where all languages are allowed and people can play and chat with folks from all over the world.

Our communication channels are aimed specifically to certain languages and regions, unless we decide to make it a global announcement or combine some.

I left a reply for Olivier in the other thread.

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Oh yes. Definitely snow on the panels during this season! That’s a great idea.

Hi everyone!

It’s interesting to see what everyone is working on. Hopefully, you can help me with an idea I have.

I’m currently working on an internal advocacy program – essentially, getting employees and other internal stakeholders (volunteers, chapter leaders, etc.) to get involved in the community and advocate its value. I’ve got a few ideas, but a lot of information I’m finding is around brand advocacy and social media. Not quite the direction I’m trying to go in, but it has given me a jumping off point.

Does anyone have any information they can share around an internal community advocacy program?

I’m all ears!

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Hello everyone,

My name is Jessica and I am really excited to be joining the FeverBee community!

I have been a CM since 2012, initially working with QA professionals and now with the IT community. My company recently launched its community, which is exclusive for our partners (we sell almost exclusively through the channel). I love community management and I am huge advocate of open organizations in general.

The challenge that I am facing is with internal employees, actually. There seems to be very little understanding of how communities work in general; and I have found my self frequently having to talk people out of bad ideas such as creating private groups for various segments of our partners, deleting posts that didn’t cast us in a 100% positive light and most recently that I (the CM) shouldn’t be so “present” in the forum because it would discourage partner participation (mind you, our forum is literally 5 days old).

As the only community manager reporting into people who have no experience with communities or even marketing, its been challenging to face these opinions with very little back up. Anyone else find themselves struggling with internal forces as opposed to external ones (I am sure those will come later. haha).


I have a couple of ideas @marjorieandersonpmi – why don’t you start a new thread so that your discussion doesn’t get lost in the noise, and we can brainstorm. (And welcome, it’s great to hear from you.)

[quote=“JFleetDattoCM, post:178, topic:1328”]
There seems to be very little understanding of how communities work in general
[/quote] That’s a tricky (but not uncommon) one. @HelenSilby might have some interesting insight as I know that was a problem that she faced last year. This might be another good topic to discuss in its own thread.

Thanks all! I’ll start a new thread for this.

I appreciate the feedback!


Hi Feverbee :slightly_smiling:

I’m the community manager over at I mainly managing multiple private Facebook groups and a product-specific forum for one of our certification courses (with hopefully more community-building initiatives on the way).

Currently, I’m looking into ways to scale our community & our community management team (which right now is just me) and add features (like advocacy programs) that aren’t specifically fleshed out yet.

I’m happy to be a part of this group and cant wait to connect with you awesome people!

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Hey @Suzi_Nelson, great to have you on board. :slightly_smiling:

Interesting challenge. How much time do you spend moderating and managing vs strategising?

It’s 99% moderating. I’ve just decided to take it upon myself to flesh out a strategy, because I feel like there is so much more we can be doing. :slight_smile:

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Cool. If you want to troubleshoot or brainstorm anything specific, feel free to begin a new thread. Out of interest, do you have a background in digital marketing?

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I do! My background is in marketing, commerce, and copywriting - and DigitalMarketer teaches the latest strategies, so its like drinking out of a firehose. I kind of fell into community management when I was hired here a year ago and fell in love with it.

Great! I’ve been exploring the cross-over between marketing and community lately. I imagine we have lots to learn from you.

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