So, what are you working on?

(Sarah Hawk) #1

One of the things that I always find valuable when joining a new community is getting an idea of what other people do. It helps me to make connections and to find the right people to bounce ideas around with.

I like hearing what other people do over the course of their day. What challenges they face and what keeps them up at night.

So what specifically are you working on at the moment? Are you building a community or managing an existing one? Do you work for a brand, or do you freelance? Is there a problem that you’re here hoping to solve?

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(llanmelo) #2

Hey! My name is Allan and I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

At this moment of my career I’m planning and building a new community for the Lab of the new Museum of Tomorrow (which will open in November). The Lab is a “space of transdisciplinary collisions of art, science and technology, where visitors become creators able to prototype solutions and invent possible futures”. In other words, we will make A LOT of cool activities :slight_smile:

Basically I hear from a lot of people that this job will be great and easy. But Brazilians are very hard to engage 'cause we have a culture that “things don’t work in our country”. And the maker movement is very small and unmotivated, perhaps for lack of support. Well… it is not SO easy.

The problem I’m trying to solve here in this forum is simple: better understand the construction and foundations of a solid new community. A LOT OF EXPECTATIONS are in my shoulders right now to make it works very well. So… here I am (at Internet) looking for content that REALLY MATTERS, reading a lot of content ‘out there’ made by a lot of people selling themselves as specialists.

I received good indications of this community. And I really liked it. I already found useful contents here. But I wanna more I that’s the reason I subscribed. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Sarah Hawk) #3

And we’re glad you did. Welcome.

Heh, this job is great, but it’s definitely not easy (at least not all of the time). It takes a lot of hard work, and the courage to make mistakes.

Is there anything specific that you are struggling with? Is your community established yet, or are you still in the planning stages?

(llanmelo) #4

Thank you for the welcome. :slight_smile:

Currently it is still in the planning stages and I am managing the bases to
make a coherent intercession of the brand “Lab” and the brand of the

The problems I’m trying to solve right now are 1) if I will use Facebook
Groups as a platform (with very poor metrics) or if I’ll introduce another
platform (Brazilians are very resistants to use others channels, believe
me); 2) the launch dates and the choice of official channels (FB? Twitter?
Pinterest? Snapchat? All together???); and 3) the content I’ll manage in
those channels (I’m not ok copying links from others resources 'cause the
Lab can be a lot better than that).

  1. is related to the community (generally) of makers, artists, doers… 2)
    and 3) for curious, visitors with a potential to be a maker, artist,…

The first one is my biggest problem right now. A bad decision will ruin the

(Sarah Hawk) #5

This thread might be of interest to you (although that doesn’t take into account the cultural aspect)

[quote=“llanmelo, post:4, topic:1328”]
the brand “Lab” and the brand of the
[/quote] Pro tip: I have been researching the best ways to optimise search traffic for conversion recently and stumbled across an example of a community relating to ‘labs’ (in their case, science labs). They had a ridiculously high bounce rate because most of the people searching for ‘labs’ actually wanted dogs (labradors). Something to bear in mind when you’re writing your meta tags.

(Zenneia McLendon) #6


I am currently working on revamping my organization’s strategy for engagement within our online community. Our community includes both members and non-members as well as student chapters and other ad-hoc groups that require an online “meeting place” - we are somewhat all over the place. I’m new to the organization and helping develop a strategic approach so that we are setting attainable goals and managing expectations from executive leadership.

I look forward to reading/hearing more from everyone!


(Sarah Hawk) #7

Welcome @zmclendon – that sounds like an interesting challenge. Is it an educational organisation?

(Julie Schoeneck) #8

Hi! I have just started working on a Community Manager Training and Development program. I am a community manager myself, and as we have various internal community managers across the company, I am working on putting together a sustainable program for not just their initial training, but to support them long term in their role as community managers. Any thoughts or suggested resources would be much appreciated!! I’d be very interested to hear if others have worked on or implemented anything similar.

(Richard Millington) #9

Hi @julieschoeneck,

We’ve been running a course for 5 years now and have learnt a lot from our mistakes during that time. It’d take a long time to explain here, but feel free to drop me an e-mail ( with a few more details and I can share some of the things we’ve learnt.

(Zenneia McLendon) #10


No it is a membership organization for researchers.


(Christine Vaeth) #11

Hello and so happy to have found this group (referral from Tableau). I manage the global user group program at Workday, which is heavily dependent on our Community strategy. Hoping to connect and brainstorm with other user group program managers or those with experience in the area. Thanks!

4: Confirmation and welcome emails
(Richard Millington) #12

Thanks @cnvaeth happy to have you with us.

Can you tell us a little more about workday. What are some of the challenges you’re facing etc? Give us something meaty to tackle :smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #13

I’m interested in hearing more. What is the main purpose of the community? Or do each of the splinter groups have different agendas?

(Asjai Louise) #14

Hi Everyone!

My name is Asjai Lou, (Asia) and Im working on building my mother, former Viacom branding executive, and Hollywood film producer, a social network community where she can share her wealth of knowledge of Branding and Film production. There is so much to do at time its confusing where to start :anguished:

(Sarah Hawk) #15

No worries, we can help you with that. :slight_smile:
What are you finding the most difficult right now?

(Christine Vaeth) #16

Workday is the leader in enterprise software for HR and Finance applications…and growing in other areas. We are a young, 10 year old company that is growing quickly in every way possible. My biggest challenge right now is scaling my program as it is global in nature; we have different user groups at varying levels of maturity, and all are operating a bit differently and culturally. While we would like to support what our customer leaders do, there are big opportunities to evolve the program to drive much more value for our users.

(Richard Millington) #17

Hi Asjai,

Can you tell me a little more about the goals of the community here? If it’s solely to spread her worth of knowledge, then a community might not be the best option. A blog, book, or whitepaper can be quicker and much cheaper to develop. I’d love to know what you’re hoping to achieve.

(Greg Foreman) #18

Greetings everyone!

Glad I was able to find this place and looking forward to connecting with other community managers.

I work for a technology group called VMware User Group. We have a little over 120,000 active members and run off of a “freemium model”. We host over 40 different events across the world and have been able to recruit lots of members at a very rapid pace. We have a strong relationship with our “OEM” and have developed a great sponsorship network to help support and fund our efforts. We are currently focused on trying to create more value for our members by helping them connect with each other globally.

Special thanks to @richard_millington for writing Buzzing Communities. The book was instrumental in thinking about how we develop our data collection for the community and prioritize retention efforts over recruiting and marketing efforts. To figure this out, we built a basic Member Lifetime Value model and found Churn was going to be an issue in the next couple of years. From there, the sense of community index was helpful in getting us to think about how to develop the community from a community perspective and not marketing.

Our main focus in the future will be utilizing our existing programs and benefits and optimizing them for more community interaction. We would like technology to be the focus of this since our members are located globally. I was wondering if anyone was using any pieces of technology to help connect members across the world and what some of the challenges were in implementing and maintaining the technology.

We are currently looking at more robust community platforms to keep a branding perspective and to make sure we can interact with our local groups on the same platform using the same tools. In the past some of our local groups have used tools like:

Eventbrite for event registration
Slack for real-time communication to continue to promote events
Gated Wordpress communities
Other various apps and software programs

(Sarah Hawk) #19

[quote=“Greg_Foreman, post:18, topic:1328”]
We host over 40 different events across the world
[/quote] Wow, that’s impressive. :slight_smile: I imagine there is a lot we can learn from you.

[quote=“Greg_Foreman, post:18, topic:1328”]
I was wondering if anyone was using any pieces of technology to help connect members across the world and what some of the challenges were in implementing and maintaining the technology.
[/quote] Do you mean outside of your community platform? Or do you not currently have a dedicated platform and are looking to create something?

Is your community predominantly a support one?

(Laura Mezoff Christy) #20

Hi! I just found this community while doing some research, and am not entirely sure whether I belong here or not, but I’ll put myself out there anyway.

I “accidentally” started an amazing online community just over a year ago. It was an offshoot of a different, poorly run community. It is a community for mothers of young children, and as the group was forming, I just followed my intuition around how to build the culture of the group, but as I’ve spent a few minutes poking around Feverbee, I am amazed to see that many of the key decisions I’ve made are actually outlined here.

My community is only 200 people (I capped the group at 200), and those 200 people from across the world have spent a life-changing year getting to know one another, meeting up in person, and supporting one another in innumerable ways. I am constantly blown away by the strength and power of the community, and the sense of commitment that people have to it. Every single day people comment that they wish their friends could join a community like ours.

So I am grappling with whether I could build my community into something larger and better that could welcome more participants. But of course that brings a ton of challenges. The community is on Facebook (and real life!), which in itself is a big challenge. And I am trying to figure out how I could monetize the community without it feeling like it has been monetized.

So I guess that’s it in a nutshell. Looking forward to spending more time checking out the resources here.