So, what are you working on? Part 1

(Alessio Fattorini) #67

On @discourse is pretty simple, just a few howtos to follow step by step. People like it since it simplifies the onboard process.

(David Silvernail) #68

I’ve run for over 12 years. Our site is for technicians in the Theatre and Live Entertainment industry. It’s a very niche site and we are a “household” name in the industry, but there is always room for improvement and increased engagement. I am currently running XenForo 1.4, getting ready to update to 1.5 as soon as I can confirm compatibility with all my addons and custom-built code.

What I’m currently working on is revamping the onboarding process. We have a great welcome message, but I’m working on follow-up and managing the first couple months experience. Not trying to customize it for every user, but I am working to create separate onboarding path’s for different types of users, i.e. manufacturers vs end users.

(Sarah Hawk) #69

Welcome Dave.

I’d love to see that, if you’re willing to share.

(David Silvernail) #70

Dear USER,

Thank you for joining us at ControlBooth! We are a tight-knit community that gets what you do. We love technical theatre and live entertainment technology. Yeah, we admit it, we love to go to concerts and spend as much time looking at the rig as we do paying attention to the band. Trust me, you’re in good company.

So, dive right in and introduce yourself. Head over to the New Member Board and start a new thread by hitting the New Thread button in the top right part of the screen above the list of topics. Let us know what you love about this industry, how you got into it, and what you are working on now!

We’ll see you inside.


(If you have any questions, just hit reply and it will start a conversation with ControlBooth’s Staff)[/quote]

(Sarah Hawk) #71

What kind of response do you get in terms of people posting on the new member board?

(Kristina King) #72

Thanks for asking. I feel like I have a pretty good handle on strategies for selecting potential champions and look forward to learning more about motivation and experimenting with rewards.

I reached out to a handful of potential advocates and asked them how they felt about becoming one. They all responded to me receptive to the idea, but with some caveats, the largest being time. I assured them that their quality contributions mean more than the quantity of their contributions, though, and that seemed to help.

However, their responses to me also made clear how limited our platform [Get Satisfaction] is (and now I am having an existential crisis, wondering why I chose it.) “It seems like I can receive all or none for notifications” (mostly true); “it’d help if things were tagged” (can’t do that, as the platform allows only 1 private tag per post, and no public tags); “I’d like to collaborate on reports with other power users” [our platform doesn’t allow attachment uploading]…so right now I’m figuring out how I can provide value to the champions given the restrictions of our platform.

Platform tweaks – Get Satisfaction
(Steve Warren) #73

There are lots of new integrations coming out for Slack all the
time.There’s a Google Drive one, and I seem to remember something for ToDo
lists. It wasn’t that great though, so I forgot what it was called :slight_smile:

Google “Slack integrations” to see what’s currently out there.

(Tip Kilby) #74

Thanks for your interest in hearing what I’m doing now and why I signed up for FeverBee.

Last year I embarked on a journey around the world. I move to an interesting country for about six months, then pick up and find someplace else to live for a while, i.e. slow travel. I am in awe of the adventures and lifestyles of the many “location-independent” entrepreneurs scattered in countries everywhere.

My new venture is a web community for these traveling bloggers and business people. My blog is “about, for and by” these intrepid entrepreneurs – interviews, resources, income ideas, technology, etc. In addition to the blog, I will offer several important services designed to free up more valuable time for our readers so that they can focus on the things they enjoy.

The reason I am so interested in the resources here at FeverBee is that I truly hope to build a cohesive, thriving community on my site, with plenty of interaction and sharing of experience. Our role as webmaster/community manager is to create the ideal setting where like-minded people can tap into the collective body of wisdom of the community.

So, that’s what I’m up to. I’m still creating our site now, but hope to be in a beta roll-out soon. That should be fun! Our site URL is

(Darren Gough) #75

I really like that line. Seems so obvious and yet so powerful. Instantly implies that this community is worth your time.

(Todd Nilson) #76

Hi @ale_fattorini! I haven’t worked with @Discourse but anything that enables a smoother onboarding process is aces in my book. Thanks for the tip. I will have to check out the platform!

(Todd Nilson) #77

Glad to offer what limited knowledge I have of BuddyPress. :smile:

(Sally Waitley) #78

Hello Hans,

I am tasked with something similar. We are a web based software company and started several communities for some of our most used products. They have not been properly resourced and managed so they just sit there. It is my job to train our new moderators for each product. FeverBee has been extremely informative and has provided a ton of advice on their website.

I have only just begun collecting the data that I will use to formulate the training. So my main objective is to create a 3 hour training program. It is overwhelming. I’m hoping to find a template somewhere that is already written, that I can modify. Please let me know if you run across anything like that!

Many thanks and best of luck to you,

(Sarah Hawk) #79

That sounds amazing! How fantastic.

@richard_millington is currently travelling around the world, working. @Caravanistan also runs a travel community, so will likely have some insights.

I look forward to seeing your site when you’re ready.

[quote=“tipkilby, post:74, topic:675”]
I will offer several important services designed to free up more valuable time for our readers so that they can focus on the things they enjoy.
[/quote] Sounds especially interesting. I’d be keen to hear more when you’re in a position to share.

(Sarah Hawk) #80

I’m happy to help out however I can. I’ve trained a 50 strong mod team before (although it was training as you go, rather than a documented program) so if you get stuck on the specifics, yell out.

(Richard Millington) #81

Hey David,

Can you post this as a separate topic asking for feedback?

I think it would be good to have people comparing and giving feedback on different onboarding/welcome e-mails.

I have a feeling there’s a lot of best practices we’re missing here.

(David Silvernail) #82

No problem. I’m pulling together statistics on engagement from the the welcome message. I’ll post this as a separate topic, as it’s my current project.

All set: Wecome Message Feedback/Optimization

(Gerard Scarpaci) #83

Working on making the world a better place for hairdressers! *And finding a new platform to continue our work.

I am the co founder of a specialized community for hairdressers. We have been around since 2009, and currently have 30,000 members on our Ning based community. we have had a lot of success and have made an impact on our craft.

We have been actively looking to move to a new platform, and it has been very difficult, to say the least.

Ning has worked well for us up to this point but seems to have no future plans to develop, and is still not mobile responsive. We have tried many of the other platforms from Place xyz to Mightybell, but have challenges with all.

We need a simple, and intuitive platform that is mobile first and very visual as our biggest contributions are photo and video. Currently we are looking at a proposal from Buddy Boss to build a custom community on Buddy Press, it sounds great, but we are a little nervous about it since its hard to visualize and we up to this point have used an out of the box platform. Any advice or knowledge regarding custom design, Buddy Press or Buddy Boss would be invaluable to us.

We have followed Fever bee and Richard Millington for years and much of what we have learned has helped us get this far!

(Sarah Hawk) #84

Welcome @Gerard_Scarpaci – sounds like an interesting time for you.
@Todd_Nilson might be able to offer some guidance around Buddy Press.

I know of another very knowledgeable person in that area as well - if you’re on Twitter, reach out to @trishacodes

(Richard Millington) #85

Hi @Gerard_Scarpaci,

thanks for the kind words and congratulations on all the amazing success you’ve had so far.

I’d definitely move off ning at this point.

BuddyPress isn’t bad. I like what we have today much better. You can make it very visual and it’s been a good investment for us already - what sort of budget do you have for this?

(Darren Gough) #86

Hey @Gerard_Scarpaci. We moved a client our ours from Ning earlier this year after doing a platform comparison piece of consultancy from them. It’s not the easiest process, but do-able for sure.

They went Ning > Discourse in the end on our recommendation and are very happy with the results. Shout if we can help more.