So, what are you working on? Part 1

Hey, I’m working on building a new community of travellers and locals who connect around interests, and help each other with anything.

We’re called Localoids (

Wanna help?



Hi Im a newbie here and at this whole web design thing. I am very grateful for all the expertise here. I am probably in over my head technically but I have nothing to lose but everything to learn.

Using wordpress, I created a website to support visually impaired people with Retinitis Pigmentosa(RP), Since I’m visually impaired RN with no technical skills, I wanted a place for an online community, blog and information.

I am currently focusing on configuring simple press to make sure it meets accessibility standards and is user friendly.

Again, thanks to all for your expertise :smile:

Hi Sarah and all, this is a really interesting thread - I’ve enjoyed reading about all the diverse projects. I’ve been in online community management since 1996 on AOL working for one of the Greenhouse sites. If anyone knows what I’m talking about, congratulations, you’ve been around a really long time! :slight_smile: I’m a consultant now and just took on a big project that is a little different than anything I’ve really done - launching a new Q&A site for a large, well respected provider of IT insights to business. (This from someone whose prior work was pretty much entirely either entertainment or financial communities, ha.) Because this is such a well-respected organization within its niche and they’ve really put a lot of faith in me with this new project, I’m spending as much time in research as I can before I write the requirements for acquisition and present my thoughts on retention strategies, champion strategies, gamification, and all that jazz. That’s how I came to be here! I’ve written many community kickoff strategies, content plans, etc. to be sure - 19 years is a long time - but I really want to get this one right.

Of course I found out the site’s basically already built and in beta and they want an October launch, so no pressure. :slight_smile: I’m excited about this challenge though. If anyone has any specific SMB and/or IT community knowledge, it would be awesome to chat.

Hi Prash, that sounds interesting. Did you do some research first to identify a need, or are you just going to give it a go? How far through the process are you? Are there any particular challenges that you’re facing?

[quote=“RPSupportOrg, post:168, topic:675”]
Hi Im a newbie here and at this whole web design thing.
[/quote] Welcome Shellianne, glad you found us. I’d be interested to hear how you find Discourse (the platform that we are using here) when it comes to accessibility. I suspect there is some work to be done.

It sounds like you have your work cut out for you @Rebecca_Cooper! Welcome. Most of the more granular community discussion goes on in our Growth Club rather than out here on the public forums. Feel free to get in touch with me if you want more info on that. In the mean time…

[quote=“Rebecca_Cooper, post:169, topic:675”]
If anyone has any specific SMB and/or IT community knowledge,
[/quote] I cut my teeth managing an IT community (SitePoint) so am happy to help out if I can. Feel free to start a new thread if you have specific challenges or want to kick off a conversation.

Hi Sarah,

Any help would be hugely appreciative! I am looking for a simple solution to begin with, I am starting with a small budget that has the potential to be increased so a flexible platform that has room for growth would be great. I would like to host it on our blog which is a site.

No problem. Start up a new thread and we can work through some of your requirements. :smile:

Usefully this is where I admit I’m not sure how I start a new thread? All I can see if how to start a new topic…

I got tripped by Discourse semantics. Sorry for the confusion.

Topic = Thread.

Done and done :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah!
Thank you for asking the tough question! yes accessibility is a huge topic right now and something I’m pretty passionate about :slight_smile:

The FEVERBEE forum platform is laid out well, but like so many sites, grey text on a white background and the inability to enlarge the text make it difficult for visually impaired (VI) folks to see the text. For most sites, simply making the text black and allowing the user the option to control the size of the text makes for a much better user experience. After that, the next improvement that would be made is to make sure that images have good alt text descriptions and all meta elements and tags exist and are well defined. This enables folks using screen readers and voice over programs to more accurately distinguish between visual “noise” and relevant content. Hope that makes sense! Just the fact that you asked is encouraging to me as it shows a commitment to improvement. If anyone wants more info on accessibility, the website is a great resource !

Thank you for the warm welcome-I’m excited to learn from you all :slight_smile:

Absolutely, let me know about the Growth Club… and I will likely have questions, so I appreciate you reaching out @HAWK!

I’m the community manager at :smile:

Welcome. Any particular challenges in your job?

Hi Sarah

I’ve done a lot of research. Speaking to Darren Gough on Thursday.




I’m at the very beginning of setting up a community of people who want to help organisations become more “organic”.

My vision of an organic organisation is one that thrives and brings life and joy to all it serves. It’s where employees learn and grow and experience the joys of mastery, achievement and building something great. It’s customers gain something special from it’s products and services and the relationship they have with the organisation. Their lives are made easier, more fun, healthier, more successful, more beautiful. Their expectations are met every time. It’s suppliers become true partners and they experience shared success. It’s shareholders experience sustained financial rewards. The community that the organisation operates in is enriched.

I’m struggling at the moment with the best ways to integrate social media with a website and the best way to set both up. I’m looking forward to a great journey and learning and contributing to the community at FeverBee.

Hey @Mary_Green, I love your work. You must work with Ed?

Hi @keelym – I love the way you describe your vision.

We can help with that. What do you mean when you say integrate SM with a website. It would be helpful if you could give me some more details of where you are at in the process.

Yes, Ed is great. He hired me last October! I love doing community management, thanks for providing so much content about it. I tell everyone about you.



My day job has little to do with community management (alas!) but when I’m off the clock I own/administer/manage/etc a large community. We have 22,000 registered members who have made over 7m posts on over 300,000 discussion threads. We generally have well over 1,000 people concurrently online (generally about 30% logged in members, and the rest lurkers).

In many ways I feel like I’m going back to school as I’m looking to get a new community off the ground and have just watched Richard’s excellent MozCon talk covering how to launch an online community. There were some great pointers which will help me with that, and even a couple I’ll look to take back to the monster I already have!

@keelym - web/social integration is something I spend a fair bit of time on. I have nearly 23,000 twitter followers and 5,500 FB likers. I’m happy to assist if I can.


Welcome on board @Darren_McKay