SkimLinks and monetization strategies

(ForumSentinel) #1

I’ll be diving into SkimLinks as a method of helping monetize our community. Does anyone have any success stories or resources or tips that helped you? It seems fairly simple but rarely are things as simple as they appear.

I’m also interested in other forums of monetization that you have found success with. Being associated with a business, the forum has to make money but at the same time be as un-intrusive as possible.

Thanks for any tips!

(Sarah Hawk) #2

I know that @Ophelie looks after both community and editorial strategy at SitePoint. Do you have any advice around monetizing community content, Ophelie?

(Joe Velez) #3

Each time someone clicks on an ad or a Skimlinks link the user is redirected away from the site. It’s likely they may not be back. Heck, you may not ever see them again.

So, make sure you are maximizing ROI on every click redirect.

We tested Skimlinks and decided it wasn’t for us.

(Gear Buzz) #4

My developer and I set up a new venture to help forums monetise. We are active on 3 communities so far (with a 4th waiting to start) and are looking for more. We run it on a revenue share basis and our tech is focused on affiliate income. We have found a lot of community manager / owners focus on network ads whereas our focus is on affiliate income, (having spent the last 5 years working with it) we feel one doesn’t cannibalize the other.

PM me if you are interested

(ForumSentinel) #5

That’s a very valid concern. For us, users post links all the time so it just makes sense we would monetize content that would be posted anyway. Actually some of our best earning links are from several years ago and likely SEO driven. It hasn’t really had a negative result on user retention that I have seen.