Should we include a dedicated social spot?


(Caleb Trujillo) #1

I’d like your input on the what you’ve seen when putting a space in your communities that is purely for social interaction and does not relate directly to the community of practice at large.

Do users spend TOO much time there? Is that a bad thing? Do other users see this “water cooler” space as a distraction?

Thanks in advance!

(Travis King) #2

I guess it depends on how your space is designed. An off topic area or tag usually doesn’t get in the way, particularly if users can mute or ignore it if they’re not interested. And casual discussion can be a great way to foster a sense of community. We don’t want to talk about business all the time right? :grin:

One thing I would look at is if you think you’ll have the activity to sustain a separate social area. If it’s going to be a dead space then I would just leave any off topic discussion within your current community setup.

(Kristen Gastaldo) #3

We did this and it gets really low interaction. We were told we desperately needed to have a place to put job offerings and member announcements - but both are rarely used. We’ve found most social commentary takes place in chat channels (slack/gitter/IRC).

I feel like it doesn’t hurt to have the space. If you have a community who would be annoyed by off topic convos in support/product areas, it’s worth setting up an area. But like @Travis mentioned, I wouldn’t make a space where you might be needed to drive the activity.