Shopping community?

(Dj Cyry) #1

Hello ,
What do you think guys …
Its ok to start a community for the people who buy products on amazon , alliexpress etc with discourse? A community for discounts - offers - reviews - opinions about products …etc
I have been watching for nodebb,flarum,discourse and i think discourse is better .
Some ideas or opinions about this “project” ?
Thanks in advance :+1:🏻

(Dave Charbonneau) #2

I think it’s cool. Either specific for a retailer, or one that has different retailers as “topics”, of different types of stuff as Topics and including the goods from any sources. I’m not a discount nut, but so many are (I’m married to my wife. Kohl’s has super over-priced stuff, but boy do they have her number dialed in when it comes to coupons and deals!).

(James McMahon) #3

Although I am partial to Discourse, the platform doesn’t matter.

What matters is how you are going to differentiate your community and reward participation with value to make it worth visiting compared to other sites.

Have you identified a niche?

(Sarah Hawk) #4

Great to hear from you @Dj_Cyry

Excellent advice.

Have you identified a gap in the market for this kind of community? It sounds interesting, and indeed the kinds of people that buy online are a good potential audience, but it’s important to carefully research and define your focus.

If you’re wondering what I’m on about, here is a list of resources which you might find useful.

(Dj Cyry) #5

Well , i dont have much ideas …sincerely .