Share a photo of your work setup

(Sarah Hawk) #1

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On the back of this:

and this:

let’s see a photo of your work set-up.
(I’ll have to do mine later because I share a desk with my bf, it’s currently 5am and he won’t let me take a photo until after coffee no2)

(rhogroupee) #2

My office-mate is shy, so he’s not in the picture, but we are lucky enough to look out on a marina, dolphins, etc., on the intracoastal waterway. I tote my MacBook Air back and forth from home, and plug into my big monitor here at the office to save my elderly eyes.

You can also see that my calendar and notes are both paper and digital. I’ve worked out a personalized system involving Moleskine, paper weekly calendar (I use Freedom Planner), and Google for all things digital. I’m curious to see what everyone uses to manage their day!

Thanks for using my suggestion, @HAWK!