[September] What have you accomplished this month?

(Sarah Hawk) #1

As we discussed in What are you working on vs what have you achieved? it’s time to summarise what’s been achieved this month. There might be value in noting things that we didn’t achieve in case others can offer support or resources. Let’s see how it pans out.

Here is what we worked on this month:
w/c Sept 5
w/c Sept 12
w/c Sept 19
w/c Sept 26

(Feel free to take part in this topic regardless of whether you recorded weekly tasks).

[3 October] What are you working on this week?
(Sarah Hawk) #2

SEO and website
I had some big wins here.

  • I worked with a SEO consultant to make some on and offpage changes which resulted in a 20% increase in traffic
  • We migrated our site onto a new host last weekend and have halved our page load speed and significantly increased performance
  • I’ve trained up on Google Tag Manager and have implemented tracking tags on our site (in place of the cumbersome campaign parameter strings that I used to use)
  • I stopped wasting time on jobs that could be outsourced and outsourced them. I have @richard_millington to thank for the push on that – I’m bad at it)
  • I’ve set up a staging server so that I can now stop my bad practice of making live changes to our site

Client work

  • I finished a up contract with a client and have secured a re-engagement for the new year
  • We’ve streamlined some internal processes to make collaborating on clients more productive across out consultancy team

Project work

  • I have built and begun executing a project plan for a new site deliverable that will go live later this year. Currently working with a team of data-collectors in India to put together the necessary database.

Things that I’d hoped to achieve and didn’t:

  • There is still further SEO work to do, but it won’t move the needle much so can wait for a slow week.
  • Onboarding emails. I had planned to overhaul our current automation because some of the CTAs are old and our thinking has changed (they still link to cumbersome introduction threads, for instance). I haven’t had a chance to get to that.

Has anyone signed up to a community lately that does automated onboarding really well?

(Nick Emmett) #3

Awesome - looks like a productive September @HAWK.
Here I go.

Community platform
So I’ve been working on re-skinning and re launching our Community, it was due to launch today, however we had some late curve balls that scuppered that and we’ve pushed out to 18th October. So in September I’ve been:

  • Working with our Search providers on issues surrounding that integration, which affects search and Case Creation for our support channel

  • working with our web team to SSO in to one of our other online channels at the minute, to make it as seamless as we can.

  • Integrating our Knowledge Base in to the Community to enable our members to search and make use of our constantly growing database of knowledge, largely built by our support organisation.

  • Working more with our web team on the look and feel to get as close as we can to being on brand with the rest of our online presence, within the realms of the template we’re using.

Job 2
My other job is here is as a Customer Success Manager, where I currently have a portfolio of 150 (yes 150) customers that I manage in terms of escalations, renewals, retention and general happiness. One of the main things that happened here for the month attending a week’s training on Selling Through Curiosity - which was great and I’m trying even harder to be even more curious than usual!

Here’s to October!

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

I’ll play!

I wrote a Discourse importer for mylittleforum. I don’t know how many people use that forum, but soon, if they want to switch to Discourse, they’ll be able to!

I’m still working on getting changes I’ve made to other Discourse import scripts submitted to github so that others can use them and it looks like I am a contributor. As a fifty-something who’s been an education professor for most of this millennium, I’m trying to provide evidence that I can do stuff with computers (not just help teachers use them to teach better) in case I want to get a job for some reason.

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