SEO - Three Countries, but one Site Root


(Chris Detzel) #1

This is a little confusing, and I’m not sure if there is a lot of help here, but I will try.

We have a community that is on the Telligent platform. The community is in three countries and three languages. North America, France and Germany. We only have one instance of the platform, but I have a developer that has done some cool things that allow the community to be one site, broken up into three countries. Make sense?

Anyways, I have now having an issue with SEO. Most of the SEO is coming from North America, and that’s because we started there. We now have good content in Germany and France, but Google isn’t picking up much of the content. We’ve done several things to try and change it, but I’m not have a lot of luck.

The Grid in NA:
The Grid in France:
The Grid - or Elektrohelden in Germany - or (we changed the url to Elektrohelden to be a sub domain of the Grid)

I know there will be lots of questions, and that’s okay. We are looking at trying to push SEO to in Germany, but we are having a difficult time. The easy answer is to buy three instances for each site, and as of now, that’s not an option.

Thoughts, questions, ANSWERS??

(Sarah Hawk) #2

This sounds like another one for @dominic_woodman – our resident SEO expert. @Joe_Velez may also have ideas.

(Chris Detzel) #3

I think we found a solution. Time will tell!

(Joe Velez) #4

@Chris_Detzel These are great questions. Never gave it much thought but the first thing that enters my mind is hreflang and sitemap (for different languages).

I’m curious - What did you do and is it working?

(Chris Detzel) #5

@Joe_Velez Sorry for the 6 month delay in response. Basically, You need an handy and extremely smart developer. We setup three separate domains, pointed them all the the same IP address and setup URL rewrites, based on the pattern in the URL. (IIS extension, looks at URL pattern). Great solution, with some issues. Today we can live with those issues, but tomorrow, maybe not.