Selling your Community to New Members (videos/orientations)


(joel galbraith) #1

Over the years, we’ve created a couple videos to help explain, orient and “sell” the value of our community to new and perspective members. I’m happy to share these here. Our gated community is for remote, online adjunct university teachers at BYU-Idaho.

Our newest video (3:15):

Our original “welcome” video (5:00):

How do you explain, orient and “sell” the value of your community to your new and perspective members? What’s your community orientation process?

CoL (communities of learning)?
(Jenn Emerson) #2

Thank you for sharing those, Joel. I’d be interested to hear what kind of response or data you’ve received from your intended audience. Like, did these yield new members or new member issues?

(Richard Millington) #3

It might be worth testing this with / without the videos to see what long-term impact they have.

I can see the potential benefits of videos, but I suspect a lot of new members are eager just to get started and ask an immediate question. Anything that slows that down isn’t a good thing.

However, it certainly depends on a lot of factors. So worth testing!