Self disclosure topics and games

(Sarah Hawk) #1

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the kinds of relationships that we build with members, and how valuable those relationships can be.

In doing some reading I stumbled across this article called Building Trust Through Skillful Self-Disclosure

It made me think about how self-disclosure spills over into the online space and how we can properly leverage it.

The top 10 posts of all time on SitePoint (a community that I used to manage) are 6 games and 4 self-disclosure/off-topic posts. We had members that signed up and never took part in any other discussions.

What kind of role do these kinds of topics play in your community?

(Darren Gough) #2

Interesting stuff. I’ve seen those “chain” style threads where the poster interacts with something the person before or the person after says in so many places as being in the top 10 posts.

It’s always odd that something so simple and, in many ways, worthless creates such take up and weight. Perhaps its simply the ease of use and a little light relief.