Scientific ways and tricks to better understand your users

(Anton) #1

I know that structural analysis etc is much more important than simple small tricks, still they also add to my understanding of my community, bit by bit.

Since I’m a developer and thus a technical person, I enjoy playing with those small opportunities to fetch some interesting stats about my community.

I’d like to share one thing I added just recently to our admin panel:


  • Control your language. I noticed I use the word “flag” too often. Maybe not a good habit for an admin who tries to be friendly!
  • Find who cares about what the most. For instance:
    • From the screenshot found by the link above, I can see that user shcher86 used word cheese 517 times, cottage cheese 133 times and recipe 202 times. Now I know what to ask her about and where to ask her to contribute to let ie feel proud of her knowledge :wink:
    • Admin Brovarchanka really cares about goats (353), and also uses the :wink: smile all the time. This lets me think I should care more about users and goats too, rather than flags!

In this topic, may I ask you to share your small tricks based on statistics and data analysis, and tell us about how you use them in your community.

(Sarah Hawk) #2

This is smart. Leveraging data and psychology to find motivational cues. Thanks for sharing.

I’m also interested to hear what ideas others have.