Sample onboarding scripts and roles for Ambassadors?


(MHCommMgr) #1

I’m starting to work on recruiting new ambassadors to fill some holes and our onboarding docs are long and cumbersome. I’m going to winnow it down to hopefully one or two scripts to send through email or PM, but I’m also wanting to refine the role of our ambassadors.

So, I’m looking for people to share

  • Duties and roles for their ambassador program

  • Sample scripts they send to recruit and sign up members for these programs

(Sarah Hawk) #2

You need @rebeccabraglio !
Check out this topic on ambassador programs (and more specifically the resources linked at the bottom).

(Rebecca Braglio) #3

happy to help brainstorm! it’s my favorite thing to do :slight_smile:

(MHCommMgr) #4

Thank you for sharing all your docs on this post: Member Spotlight: Rebecca Braglio talks ambassador programs

I’m finding the timeline and guide especially helpful as I sit down to rewrite my docs. I’m also really delighted by your process and how it unfolded… it will help me think about how ours has organically involved and which directions we might want to push it in.

(Rebecca Braglio) #5

why thank you!!! I’m so glad it’s been useful. I’m in the process of outline our ambassador programs now - and I’m thinking the nuances of a health community are going to be challenging — especially when it comes to expectations and fatigue…

(MHCommMgr) #6

Yes, if you have questions about how to handle those issues let me know. We have to be careful about how we set expectations and give users room when they may be in treatment, etc. but communication always helps.