Salesforce vendor- community best practices


(Alissa Lockwood) #1

Hey everyone- I’m looking for a vendor that is knowledgeable with Salesforce Communities and how to manage/optimize communities.

Background: we are currently using Lightning Napili and have deployed 3 communities- customer, partner and employee, but are struggling with the platform functionality (or lack of functionality)… I’m really hoping to find someone to help us understand how we should better optimize our processes and how to best use the features SF does provide.

In short: we are looking for someone to show us the ropes, help ensure that we are meeting our goals, or if we can improve any way… We might only need them for 1-2 quarters, just to help us get on our feet more.

I’m sure SF has some people in this position, but I only assume it’s expensive. Any advice would be appreciated.

(Caleb Love) #2

Well, I have been a community manager for 10 years, and just barely switched over to become a Salesforce Admin. I was just certified with Salesforce and am working toward my community certification. After helping to build the community strategy, I’ve switched roles to now build the actual platform. So I have worn both hats now. In other words, I know and have experienced your pain. Anyway, send me a PM with more information. I may be able to help.

(Alissa Lockwood) #3

Caleb- Thanks for the response. I’m glad i’m not the only one that’s in the same or similar boat. I’ll message you!


(Alice May Flather) #4

Hi @alockwood! We are in the process of moving off of the Jive platform and currently in the process of evaluating platform vendors. SalesForce is in the mix, so I am curious to know what your functionality struggles have been? Lessons learned would be immensely helpful as we move towards making a decision.

(Richard Millington) #5

Hey @alockwood you’re more than welcome to drop us a line if you want help on the consultancy side. Helping companies build communities on different platforms and optimize those platform is very much the work we do all day.

We’re just about to launch this project: which is going to share the best examples of hundreds of brand communities around the web. So if you can sit patient for a few more days (while we clean and add a lot more data) you should get to see a lot more communities you can learn from and use.

(Alissa Lockwood) #6

Hey @heyamay, let’s definitely talk! I have time this week or next if you do. Let’s DM each other and set it up! :slight_smile:

(Alissa Lockwood) #7

Hey @richard_millington, thanks very much for this information! That’s awesome you guys are launching this. I’ll be patient, as i’d like to choose the best for us and have all the information.

(Richard Millington) #8

Thanks @alockwood,

I scheduled the email for the wrong date and accidentally launched it today. So feel free to enjoy, share, and add communities to it :slight_smile:

(Alissa Lockwood) #9

Checked it out… this. is. awesome!!

(Nick Emmett) #10

Hey @alockwood - we have our Community on Community Cloud - happy to chat/take a look.