Run a Facebook community? This is home

(Sarah Hawk) #1

This topic is for managers of Facebook communities to hang out and bounce around ideas.

[Facebook Community Consultant] Meet Diana Tower
(Mark Baldwin) #2

Right then, let me start with a question for other Facebook people.

Polls, who does them and how do you do them?

(Diana Tower) #3

Hey Mark! I haven’t used polls yet in our community (we tend to use survey monkey or Google forms for surveys) but I could see it being handy for some kind of a vote.

Maybe you are thinking of creating some value for the community and you post a poll…what should I make a video or post on tomorrow…this, this or this.

Do you use them?

(Mark Baldwin) #4

Not at the moment. If I ask the community a question, it’s usually a simple choice between 2 things. Facebook used to have a built in poll tool, but since that went away I see a lot of posts from other pages using the different reactions to get results. Not sure how effective that is, but open to suggestions.

(Suzi Nelson) #5

Nah I don’t really use them, unless it’s just for fun. My people tend to comment instead of vote anyway. :slight_smile:

(Chris Detzel) #6

I"m curious to know how you find users on a FB community. What kinds of things do you post? Since I have an online community through telligent, should I create a FB community? Lots of my customers are already there.I’m very curious about this!

(Mark Baldwin) #7

As part of our FTUE (First Time User Experience) in our games, we encourage customers to like our page on Facebook for a free gift, that is how we get most of our growth and then we focus on keeping people interested in our page by creating engaging/fun posts in the hope they like the content and their friends see their activity and come an have a look. We have a decent amount of people every day clicking the “use app” button on our page and we have steady growth every day so it must be working. :slight_smile: