Rituals and celebrations

(Sarah Hawk) #1

Does anyone have any great rituals or celebrations in their community?

We used to have annual community awards at SitePoint and that was lots of fun at first, until it got gamed one year, which ruined it for everyone.

``#CMAD got me thinking about this. I’ve heard people disparage it fairly heavily due to the fact that it is an ‘appreciation day’ orchestrated by the people that are being appreciated. I see it as a way to celebrate what we do and draw attention to it, which is positive.

Thoughts? What do you celebrate in your communities?

(Anton) #2
  1. User #500 and similar badges with public announcement.
  2. Congrats section where we just create topics to celebrate someone’s DOB, New Year, our forum’s DOB etc.
  3. A monthly contest for the best topic. Admins do not participate. Mods do. The best is determined based on the “Top monthly” page in Discourse.
  4. Best moderator of the year. Once it is granted to someone, the others want the same and try to improve their moderation and increase their activity. But some may disagree and leave the moderator status. This is good - moderators need to be strong people with a lot of energy.
  5. Continuous contests sponsored by ads-posters.

(Sarah Hawk) #3


I’m interested to know what benefits you see from each of these, most specifically the Congrats section.

(Anton) #4

Re congrats section, people simply like when someone else tells them “Congratulations!”, “Happy XXX” and so on.

People use it on many occasions, and both writers and receivers are quite happy about it. It’s just a bit of fun and off-topic; and in general is a positive thing, which is one more contact point between people of various knowledge level and trust level.

(Alessio Fattorini) #5

Really good suggestions! :slightly_smiling:

(Sarah Hawk) #6

There is a reason that I raised this topic – I’d like to start to focus on some wider community building projects here at Experts now that we’ve been established for a few months.

I want to do something that will offer you the opportunity to introduce knowledge in your specific areas of interest, with a view to increasing the skill levels of all of us. I’m thinking of introducing a monthly Member Spotlight, where the member being spotlighted discusses something quite specific and valuable (rather than a ‘this is who I am and what I’m currently working on’).

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how we could develop this.

Monthly Member Spotlight