We have a new, relatively successful weight loss community.
Recently we created a gamification platform, awarding points for certain behaviors. Posting, commenting, receiving comments etc. It is relatively new. We gave away a scale for the user with the most points a few weeks ago. We did it only once so far. We’re afraid that superusers will be the only ones winning. So we came up with the idea of “redeeming” points from list of prizes. While the actions are laudable, insofar as they speak to the goal of “connecting” in order to get emotional support (the main issue in overeating), we don’t want the essential goals “support” to be co-opted by the desire to “win prizes”.
Any thoughts?
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Hi @fevthinj0e - this is often the problem with gamification. You need to be clear on what you’re gamifying, why and how it plays in to your strategy. There’s lots to consider - for me, I’m not a fan of giving away swag/gifts that we think are of interest to members/customers - it’s a bit like in my workd assuming that everyone wants a water bottle or a hoodie! What would actually prove to be of value to your members? Have you asked them?

Also - does your system/platform have levels? Encouraging people to push through to new, higher levels of giving value works well for me, giving people something to aim for. Also, sometimes, especially at the lower levels of this system, simple recognition works well. Can you feature your top ten members each month on your home page? Who provided the most value in your community that month and as such moved the most points - depending on how your points system works obviously.

@richard_millington had a good article on this recently - actually warning (to a degree) against having multitudes of levels and recommending a couple of good options. Definitely worth a read.