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(Nick Emmett) #1

One of the things that drove my interest in Community, having been introduced to the concept of it in a business sense by @Mike_Collins, and my thinking when managing my first community, an internal one, was the Working Out Loud concept. I read about it first on John Steppers’ really great blog and later his book, which I’ve seen mentioned a couple of times here recently. This reminded me of this great article by Bryce Williams (the person most often credited with coining the term) and wondered what you guys here at Experts thought of the concept. Do you use it the Working Out Loud concept where you are, internally or externally? How do you use it? How can we use it here at Experts?
Remember, we’re at now, now!

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(mark tilbury) #2

I use ‘working out loud’ as one of the techniques to encourage behavioural change internally (primarily around the adoption of collaboration tools). It has appeal to some but not others so I use it together with a range of approaches such as

  • nudge squads
  • Tiny Habit teams
  • Pay it forward
  • endownment effects
  • chain reactions

etc etc
For some it a lovely way to begin changing the way they work.

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(Alessio Fattorini) #3

Love such stuff, Thanks for pointing it out. It’s a brilliant point of view and “I have not enough time” it’s just an excuse