Researching close-knit communities, would you be willing to talk?

(Laure Cast) #1

I’m a researcher trying to better understand the needs of close-knit communities (i.e. communities where people come for support and connection, rather than just for information). I am hoping to interview folks who have built or manage a community like this to better understand what works and what challenges there are in that context.

If you would be open to talking for about 30-45 minutes about your experience, please message me or send an email to me at

Thank you!

(Marta Campabadal) #2

Hello Laure,

I manage a community for rare disease patients and their families. We build specific rare diseases communities in multiple languages, in partnership with patient organizations and patient advocates. Our members join the communities because they are looking for information about a rare condition that is usually very scarce and end-up staying because they find support and understanding from their peers. Take a look at our communities’ list so you can get an idea of how the platform is structured and the kind of conversations are taking place in the communities. Let me know if this is what you were looking for and I’ll send you an email:

(Laure Cast) #3

Hi Marta,

Thank you for your response. Yes, this is very much what we are looking for. Would you be up to chat for 25-30 minutes?

Thank you!