[Research] What do you call your community 'type'?

(Sarah Hawk) #1

Quick question for everyone.

How do you classify your community (or what would you search for if looking for other communities of a certain type)?

There is so much ambiguity around the terminology.

Eg: B2B, B2C, CoP, Hobbyist, NP, Internal

What am I missing from the list?

(Colleen Young) #2

Most of the communities I manage (past and present) I would classify as patient communities, peer-to-peer. But I guess following the classification categories you’ve listed they would either fall into NP or B2C, and in some cases CoP.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Thanks Colleen.

I’m more interested in what you’d classify them as, than how you’d fit them into my list. I’m hoping to build that list out to include everyone’s variations on the terminology.

(Colleen Young) #4

Patient community, community of circumstance.

(Courtney Calvin) #5

My main community is a community of practice focused around an initiative we are trying to spread throughout the organization (spread out across many countries). You could also say that they are a community of champions for this initiative to help improve the way we run international development programs.

(Ernesto Izquierdo) #6

Our colleagues are trying to build: CoP, Learning communities, Communities of interest…, global internal community.